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A warlord promises 48 demons that he will donate the body parts of his unborn son in exchange for power. The baby is born as little more than a lump of flesh and is cast into a river, from which it is rescued by a kindly physician. He replaces the missing parts with prostheses, and the child, now a grown man called Hyakki-maru, resolves to slay the 48 demons and regain each of his missing limbs and organs. As he sets off, he teams up with Dororo (baby-talk for dorobo, Japanese for thief), a girl thief whose parents once tried to lead an uprising.

Dororo began as a 1967 manga by Astro Boy-creator Osamu Tezuka. Inspired in part by Shirato's Manual of Ninja Martial Arts, which featured similar Marxist undertones, it incorporates elements of Tezuka's Black Jack, another driven, patchwork hero with a little-girl sidekick. The manga series was canceled early, before Tezuka's planned shift in focus to Dororo's coming-of-age, and the anime version retains the slightly misleading title-the stories broadcast remain primarily the tale of Dororo's companion. From episode 14 onward, this was reflected in a name change, to Dororo and Hyakki-maru. Director Sugii and a roster of future big-names emphasized a realistic look, making a virtue out of the monochrome production. Tezuka originally intended to make the show in color (and even made a color pilot) but was prevented from doing so by the low budgets approved by Fuji TV. The story has been cited as a major influence on one of the 1990s' best-selling manga, Hiroaki Samura's Blade of the Immortal. The Dororo manga was also the inspiration for the console game released in English as Blood Will Tell.
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Osamu Tezuka

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General Information Edit
Name Dororo
Name: どろろと百鬼丸
Romaji: Dororo to Hyakkimaru
Publisher Mushi Production
Start Year 1969
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Aliases Dororo to Hyakkimaru
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