Doris Lang

Doris Lang is a anime/manga character in the Vampire Hunter D franchise
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A Werewolf Hunter's daughter, Doris Lang was bitten by the vampire Magnus Lee and seeks the help of D to kill the Count.

The damsel in distress of the first book ever of the Vampire Hunter D. She is 17 year-old young woman, daughter of a werewolf hunter and elder sister do Dan Lang. Doris was hunting monsters about to attack her house but unfortunatly for her, she transpassed the domain of a ancient vampire called Magnus Lee, who is said to be over 10,000 years old. Enchanted by her beauty and eager to free himself from his boring time, he bites her in order to make her his vampire bride. He lets her live later, but she knows he will return to claim her, sooner or later. Since she doesn't have the power to destroy the Count herself, she enlists the help of a vampire hunter, simply called D, when he first passes, she tests his abilities by take him on a fight but she is quickly defeated. She ask the help of D to help bid her free from her destiny to become the bride of a unholy creature. The Count is not the only one after Doris; the mayor's son Greco, wants Doris for himself, but she dumps him. Angered, Greco tells the whole town she was bitten by Count Lee.

The mayor, the doctor and the city's council reunite to decide which action should take about Doris. At first, they want to exile her to the asylum but the doctor and her brother Dan object, telling about 50 years ago, the Count bit a young woman and she were sent to the asylum, the count in anger, slaughtered several people and the girl commited suicide afterward in her exile. D ask if he can kill the master vampire. By doing so, Doris would not becoming a vampire. The council agreed but they told if D failed and Doris becomes a vampire, she had to abandon the city along with her brother and never come back again. Still, everyone in the town shunned her.

In the night where the vampires refuse to take female blood, the Count's daughter, Larmica and her servant, Rei-Ginsei come to drag her away. They are stopped by D, who reveals himself to be a half-vampire. Doris is kidnapped by Rei-Ginsei's fellow mutants who take her to the Count. She believes D will come to rescue her, but the Count shatters any hope for her when he shows D under the spell of the Midwich Medusas, and she fell under the vampire's hypnosis and take her to a bedroom and prepare for their wedding, but D sets himself free from his captors and rescue Doris.

Doris later tells D she loves him,when she throws her arms around him, D's fangs start to emerge and tries to bite Doris but he fights the urge. Later, Rei- Ginsei returns and kills D, and take Doris to the Count again, and request to become a Noble, but the Count told him to wait another 50 years. Doris is entranced and is led by the Count to the marriage chamber, and he muttered no one like her gave him so much trouble before, when he is about ot bite Doris, D attacks the count. They fight and D manage to mortally wound the count, impaling him on his sword against the wall. In a last effort to kill the downed D, Magnus order hipnotically to Doris kill D with a knife but Dan intervene and manage to bring her back to her consciosness. D, Dan and Dors flee from the imploding castle because the Count's defeat cause his domain to crumble around him. D's job is done and he ride away to the sunset while Doris and Dan wave him goodbye.

In the book, she has black hair, while in the movie, she has blond. In the manga, she has redhair.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Michie Tomizawa
Barbara Goodson
Rank Game #853 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Doris Lang
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Vampire Hunter D #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Vampire Hunter D
Aliases Doris Rumm
Recent Movies
Vampire Hunter D

The first anime adaptation of Hideyuki Kikuchi's novel series.

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Attractive Female
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Weapon Master
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