Doranbolt is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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A member of the Council who infiltrated Fairy Tail to ruin it. He also has the ability to teleport and alter people's memory.


Mest's history is currently unknown except for his supposed participation in last year's S-Class Wizard Promotion Trial to which he came very close to winning. Because only members are nominated for the exam, it seems that Mest had been a member of Fairy Tail. But this has been questioned since everyone's memories of Mest have been extremely hazy and vague. In addition, his claim that he was Mystogan's disciple was questioned by Pantherlily who did not believe that his master would take on a student. He is currently participating in this year's examination with Wendy as his partner.


Mest Gryder, who is created by Hiro Mashima , has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Fairy Tail volume 24 and episode 96. His Japanese voice actor is Shuuhei Sakaguchi.

Major Story Arcs

S-Class Trial Arc

Mest is first introduced when Makarov announces the nominees for the S-Class Promotion Trial. Most of the guild members claimed that he was very close at winning last year's exam and had high hopes that he would be able to win it this year. Upon hearing the rule that every participant had to choose a non s-class mage as their partner, Mest later approached Wendy and asked for her help. In order to persuade her, he claimed that he was a disciple of Mystogan, which worked.

Prior to the commencement of the trial, Makarov explained that every team had to select a path in which they would either have to face off and win against an opponent(s) or walk down a quiet path in order to advance to the next stage. When the exam started, Wendy and Mest, along with several others, were forced to remain on the boat until Fried's barrier around it expired. Once it did, they chose a path that ultimately led to a battle against Gray and Loke. But it ended as soon as it started when Mest was knocked out with ease, to their surprise. He woke up to realize that the battle was over and that he had lost.

En route to the island, Pantherlily and Charle discuss whether Mest had truly been a member of Fairy Tail since he was not seen in the Fairy Tail in Edolas and that Mystogan, who rarely let people see him, would never take on a student. This skepticism was justified when Gray and Loke tried to remember Mest's partner from last year's exam to which they had no memory of. They concluded that when they try to recall anything specific that was related to Mest, their memories became hazy.

After their loss, Mest tries to comfort Wendy, who felt guilty that she wasn't more useful to him. He cheers her up when he proposes to explore the island, after revealing that Fairy Tail held a great secret on it. During their exploration, Wendy admires the beauty of the island while Mest just smiles mysteriously behind her. Upon feeling the magical wave of Zeref's magic, he becomes ecstatic over his presence.

Mest is interrogated by Pantherlily
Mest is interrogated by Pantherlily

The duo are then confronted by Charle and Pantherlily, with the latter holding Mest to a boulder while interrogating him. But they are interrupted by one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, a group from Grimoire Heart, named Azuma. Mest then reveals that he is not an enemy of Fairy Tail per say. He did try to find something that would put Fairy Tail "out of business" but only to get a promotion in the Council, of which he was apart of. But he decides to abandon that plan when the possibility of arresting one of the most dangerous dark guilds, Grimoire Heart, would help him achieve his personal goal. To his misfortune, Azuma manages to blow up the Council's battleship (put on standby by Mest) with ease.


Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Shuuhei Sakaguchi
General Information Edit
Name: Doranbolt
Name: メスト・グライダー
Romanji: Mesuto Guraidā
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #24
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Doranbalt
Mest Gryder
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Super Speed
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