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Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 28, 2012. Last post by Kuro_San 2 years, 5 months ago.
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My first anime wasn't Dragonball Z or Saliormoon. It was actually Rurouni Kenshin in subpar subs. Me, my brother, and sister were watching it on VHS.

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Like most people my age my first anime was Sailor Moon and Pokemon but the first anime I ever watched knowing full well that it was anime was Inuyasha

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I can't remember since back then, we only had mainstream TV.

I think it was Pokemon during 5th grade (11 years ago) when I first watched it on channel 13, UPN. Then, Pokemon started airing on channel 5, Kids WB, on Saturdays.

Once we had cable, Toonami was my gateway to anime even though I didn't know what hell was an anime.

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I think we had a similar Thread with this question in the forum not so long ago, anyway my first anime was Future Boy Conan, when it was broadcasted on TV during the early 90's.

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I guess if I recollect back far enough I would say Pokemon, though my first impulse would be to say Dragonball Z

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Dragon Ball... when I was in 1st grade.... then Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon...

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Iria Zeiram: The Animation, way back in 1994 when anime movies and OVAs would air on occasion on the Sci-Fi Channel.
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Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, and Digimon were all my firsts

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Oh, I remember Iria Zeiram. I first watched it after salvaging a run down video store that was abandoned by foreclosure. Yeah, I'm that poor, but there was VHS tapes I haven't seen and more to sell for Swap Meet.

Anyways, that anime was scary back in middle school. It was bloody, scary because of Zeiram who just slaughters everyone. I think I saw my first anime nudity scene with Iria in the shower scene or was that Tenchi Muyo Forever where he had sex with Haruna.

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@takashichea: Yeah, there was a brief shower scene in Iria Zeiram that showed some brief nudity with Iria.
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Guyver, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Speed Racer, Ranma 1/2....those are some of the first, as far as I can remember.
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Gundam Wing. I grew up loving Beast Wars, so once I saw that Wing Gundam could transform into a jet, I had to know more. And now I'm a weeaboo. I guess commercials do work.

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My very first anime "about 30 years ago" as I recall was UFO Robo Grendizer, translated into Arabic as I use to live in Lebanon at that the time.

Of course now I watch it and all other anime in its original form, Japanese with English subs. If I understood Japanese, I would watch it without subs.

Edit - Thanks to Sonata, I remembered Maya the Bee was also one I watched all those years ago, also in Arabic, although I didn't know it at the time.

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Maya the Bee was mine back in the day.
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This may explain some things about me don't know but my first one I saw was half of vampire hunter D at 3:00 am when I didn't know what it was (lord was it confusing but awesome at the same time). After that I saw Akira and was like man this is awesome but I wish it made more sense...then I saw the ghost in the shell movie (first one) and fell in love. My first flirtation with the sci-fi idea that a computer could gain intelligence and sentience. After that I was introduced to eva and I was set.

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My first anime...? either Devilman or Street Fighter II The Movie. i was about younger or as young as 7 when I watched them.Ecentually everything else fell into place

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The first anime I ever saw period was Saber Rider in kindergarten. The one that I saw and could recognize as anime was probably Pokemon. The one that really turned me on to anime was Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust.
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First anime was Danguard Ace followed by the rest of the stuff in the Force Five block including Star Blazers (which I saw on SyFy a bit ago and... yeah, doesn't hold up well.) As much as I wanted to watch the New Getter Robo I couldn't bring myself to potentially crush childhood memories.

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inuyahsa was my first anime but never finished it, it just went on and on

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