Don't Stop Me Now

Don't Stop Me Now is an anime episode of Kill la Kill that was released on 01/23/2014
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Satsuki Kiryuin joins the front line of Osaka to battle Kaneo Takarada, the heir to the Takarada Conglomerate. Using the influence of money, Takarada rallies the locals to fight, but Satsuki is suspicious there is another power behind the city’s defense.

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Plot Summary

Don't Stop Me Now
RomajiDōnimo Tomaranai
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
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While Tsumugu drives towards Osaka's battle site, Aikuro reunites with his men at the Nudist Beach home base. Despite Takarada's speech about how powerful money is, Kiryuin intimidates the crowd with her fear. Takarada quickly changes into his anti-Honnouji Academy weapon, Dotonbori Robo. When Uzu has his men attack Takarada, Takarada easily defeats them and bombards Satsuki and Uzu with his golden gourds. Ira and the rest of the Elite Four arrive on scene. From above, Shiro drops Uzu's latest Goku Uniform upgrade. With the power of his new Goku Uniform, Uzu engages Takarada and fends off Takarada's gourd shower. Takarada stops Uzu in his tracks with Crab Slime Paste before roasting wit his flames. From behind, Uzu thrusts his kendo in Takarada's caboose.

Then, Ryuko and Mako arrive on scene. The two young women engage in a one on one duel. While Ryuko and Mako fight, Uzu explains to Nonon that Ryuko cannot transform without having a complete outfit. When Ryuko is on the edge, Tsumugu and his team rush into battle to provide support fire. While Satsuki's Elite Four clash with Aikuro & Tsumugu's Nudist Beach forces, Ryuko bonds with Senketsu and attacks Satsuki. After stealing the glove, Ryuko and Satsuki have a heated sword and debate battle. With her Scissor Blade knocked out, Ryuko transitions from Senjin into Shippu. Nonon lends Satsuki's assistance in aerial combat. Satsuki catches Ryuko off guard. On the Osaka tower, Nonon wreaks havoc as she desperately aim for Ryuko. After knocking Satsuki off of Nonon, Satsuki wails on Ryuko. While Inumta stops Tsumugu from interfering, Uzu stops Aikuro. Ira stops Mako from tossing Ryuko's Scissor Blade.

On the ground, Ryuko confronts Satsuki. Trusting Senketsu, Ryuko uses her Kamui as a blade. When Satsuki clashes with Ryuko's blade, Ryuko's blood gushes at Satsuki. Taking the chance, Ryuko smacks Satsuki. Both young women have their blades at each other's neck. Ryuko asks Satsuki to withdraw her forces. Satsuki complies and orders her forces to stand down. Before her forces do, Nonon quickly destroys most of the Nudist Beach's HQ. Aikuro asks Ryuko to come with him where he will explain everything.

Points of Interest

  • Complications with Episode 15 resulted in the episode airing at a later date. As such, the official U.S. streams were delayed until 1 AM.
  • Japan is split into two: Takaradas in the west and Kiryuins in the east.

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
Satsuki KiryuinItems
Kaneo TakaradaItems
  • Dotonbori Robo
  • Sen-nari Gourd Missile Shower
  • Crab Slime Paste
Uzu SanageyamaItemsMoves
  • Men, Dou, Kote, Tsuki
Ryuko MatoiAbilities
  • Senketsu Senjin
  • Senketsu Shippu
  • Scissor Blade: Decapitation Mode
Ira GamagooriItems
Nonon JakuzureItems
Houka InumutaItems

Characters & Voice Actors

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