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Don Quixote sets out in search of his beloved Princess Dulcinea, but the girl he desires is only a "princess" insofar as she is the daughter of Carabos the pirate "king." In order to impress Carabos, Quixote carries out several criminal missions on behalf of his would-be father-in-law. Discovering that "Dulcinea" is an imposter, Quixote sets out once more in search of her, accompanied by his faithful servant, Sancho Panza, and his horse, Rozinante. Miguel de Cervantes's classic knight who tilted at windmills is brought to life here in this action-comedy, with the character's insanity brought to the fore by a manic performance from Don Dracula's Kenji Utsumi, who positively foams at the mouth.

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General Information Edit
Name Don Quixote
Romaji: Zukkoke
Publisher ?
Start Year 1980
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