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Deep in the Zawazawa Forest by the Jub-Jub river lives Don Aristotle the beaver and his child, Don Chuck. Aristotle frets that his son will grow up strange without a mother, and Chuck starts to associate with beaver girl Lala, a rabbit called Mimi, and Daigo the bear cub. The quartet gets into all sorts of trouble as Chuck slowly grows into an adult.

Don Chuck began as the mascot character for a fairground before starring in children's books by Shizuo Koizumi and Makio Narita and eventually gaining this anime outing. The measure of the series' success is in the fact that the "real" Chuck mascot began to take on attributes of the anime character in the months that followed. A second series, New DC (1976), lasted even longer and introduced a family of out-of-place koalas.

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General Information Edit
Name Don Chuck
Romaji: Don Chuck Monogatari
Publisher ?
Start Year 1975
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