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Judging by the yellow lightsaber, Domo's firmly planted in the neutral side of the force.
Judging by the yellow lightsaber, Domo's firmly planted in the neutral side of the force.

Domo, huh?  So THAT’S what that little brown monster I’ve seen on Playstation’s network and on sale as a plush toy at conventions. I had no idea what it was, let alone that it’s the mascot of a Japanese TV network, until this announcement from ANN that little Domo snuck a cameo into NHK’s commercials for its dubbed airings of CLONE WARS.  Domo’s friends Usajii (the rabbit) and Taachan (the weasel) also make appearances, although we only have photographic proof positive of the later (to the right). Seems like they skipped the years of Padawan braids and trials of the senses and gone straight to being full-fledged Jedi.

Somehow, I doubt this crossover is going to extend past this goofy cameo, but it nevertheless raises an interesting question for fan discussion.  Is there any manga or anime that would make for a good crossover with STAR WARS? I’ve been commenting in my reviews of Eva that I see a lot pleasing similarities between Shinji and Anakin Skywalker. It’d certainly be a trip to see Eva’s tearing through waves and waves of battledroids. How about Voltron taking on a Star Destroyer? Or Darth Maul dueling with Rurouni Kenshin? Go on and chime in here. I’m sure you’ve got some better ideas than me.

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*Force Pull's orange Lightsaber*
You call yourself neutral.... Lets find out Domo!!!
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I believe yellow is actully mainly a jedi colour not neutral :P
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@Chengy: There is no neutral colour light sabers, there is only red for Sith and everything else for Jedi. The Sith believe that the crystal used in the construction of the lightsaber, that creates the red glow of the beam, is the most powerful crystal in the universe as it is believed to have some kind of rare properties that have been known to actual "break" the beam of other lightsabers during combat; giving them an obvious advantage in battle should this ever happen. 
The origin of this belief was created long ago during the 1000 year wars and the reign of the original great Sith Lords, such as Naga Sado and Exar Kun, however some believe that these are merely myths created by these lords as a way to make there warriors feel superior and more powerful to their enemies during combat by making them believe that by sheer power and force of will they will be able to break there enemies weapons. Others believe that this may have been true long ago when lightsabers were first being used by Jedi and Sith alike and when they still relied on an external power source and a long power cable connected to the end of the sabers to power the beam. The idea being that some uniqe property in the red crystals would interfere with the power flow of these originally designed lightsabers and cause them to short out and become useless. This would of course give the attacking Sith warrior the moment he needs to strike down almost any opponent as they are confused and bewildered by the sudden disappearance of their energy blades.
Even if this was true however, there have been no reported cases of a light saber that uses a red focusing crystal breaking the beam of another. Despite this however, Sith still to this day prefer to use the red focusing crystal as it is still believed to contain properties that focus and work best with the energies of the Dark side of the Force when compared to other coloured crystals that can be used in the construction of lightsabers.

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The still image is adorable. I just wish there was more of it in the real advertisement. Maybe Clone Wars will catch on over in Japan and we'll get more adventures with jedi Domo.
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@crusader8463:  Wow. I considered myself to be a pretty big Star Wars fan. And then I read your post. And now I'm sad. What did you do? Spend a semester abroad at the Jedi Temple?
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@kwyrt: Nah, if I can recall correctly I ether read that in the "Darth Bane:Path of Destruction" novel, the comic based on that novel, or in one of those giant Star Wars encyclopedia things. Or a combination of all of those. In case you couldn't tell, I'm very obsessed when it comes to anything Star Wars.
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@crusader8463:  yeah i know, but what i meant was yellow was mainly a colour associated with i think the jedi sentinal was is ? cant remember. 
But i know about the sith, had to do a lot of research when i used to take part in star wars rp
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