Domin-8 Me #1 - Domin-8 Me

is a manga book published by Eros Comix that was released on 07/31/2004

Plot Summary

Domin-8 Me - Vol. 1

Take On Me (テイク オンミー, Teiku On Mii)

What started as sexual blackmail of the tall Hikaru Ohno by the diminutive Tsuda quickly changes into an erotic love story. Tsuda start feeling guilty that he was forcing Hikaru into sex; but, in fact, she had a crush on him to begin with. That's only where things get started.


Our Cast of Characters:

  • Tomonori Tsuda
  • Hikaru Ohno
  • Kei Ohno
  • Ryoko Entsu
  • Koichi Tatsukawa
  • Miss M

Ch. 1 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

By a freak accident. High School student Tsuda dropped his camera and caught a compromising picture of Hikaru Ohno. Despite his guilt, he used this to start a sexual relationship with Ohno. Only later to discover he wasn't forcing her into anything.

Ch. 2 - Big

Tsuda is starting to feel inadequate due to his short stature next to the six foot tall Ohno. Hiraku takes him home and shows him that he's big where it counts. In her heart, and....other places.

Ch. 3 -Ride with the Devil

Kei Ohno has a serious problem. She's a twenty-six years old virgin, and her body just never grew up. She can't get a decent boyfriend, and those who would want her. She doesn't want anything to do with. While spying through her sister's computer. She may have found someone interesting. Tomonori Tsuda.

Ch. 4 -Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Tsuda's relationship with Hiraku started as blackmail. Now, Kei Ohno is blackmailing Tsuda to get what she wants out of him. To lose her virginity. It would be hell if Hiraku catcher her.

Ch. 5 - From Dusk Till Dawn

Despite her six foot tall, sexy figure. Hikaru is like any other woman with certain insecurities. With her parents out of town. She invites her boyfriend over for one hell of a cardio workout.

Ch. 6 - Arlington Road

A casual run in with Hikaru's childhood rival starts off a wild bet of who has the better boyfriend. Ryoko has the star baseball pitcher. Hikaru has the 5'3" Tsuda. The stakes are to be the slave of the winner, and Hiraku never backs down from a challenge.

Ch. 7 - Girlfight

Ryoko thought she could pull a fast one over on Hiraku, but things don't go as planned, despite her scheming. Tomonori Tsuda shows his worth as a man, but victory is stolen from him.

The sex addict teacher, Miss. M, appears.

Ch. 8 - Reservoir Dogs

The bet was to become the slave of who's boyfriend won their competition. Ryoko set the game and the rules, and now she's going to pay sweet hell for her cheating. The mistress is now the slave.

Ch. 9 - Band of Brothers

What started as Hiraku acting out her three-way fantasy quickly turns into an all out orgy. Ryoko and Kei arrive to spice things up, and it turns into a massive free for all that no one will soon forget.


Translation Issue

Though the character catalog inside the cover sleeve of the volume lists her name as Hikaru Ohno. The actual text in the volume uses HIkaru Ono. The added "h" is dropped.

This issue also appears in Chapter 7 - Girlfight and Chapter 8 - Reservoir Dogs. On the character sheet in the inner cover sleeve. The character is listed as Tomonori Tsuda, but in chapter seven in several sections he's addressed as Tomohiro Tsuda.

Color Pages

Chapter 5 - From Dusk Till Dawn opens with four, full colored pages.

Guest Artist

The cover image for Chapter 5 - Arlington Road was illustrated by Getsu Suiden.


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User Reviews
A Hentai Love Comedy Reviewed by FoxxFireArt on July 13, 2010. FoxxFireArt has written 71 reviews. His/her last review was for Highschool of the Dead. 278 out of 321 users recommend his reviews. 21 out of 22 users found this review helpful.

Domin-8 Me Volume 1 Review

 Domin-8 Me Vol. 1
 Domin-8 Me Vol. 1
Publisher: Eros Comix
Author: Sessyu Takemura
Rating: Adults Only
Genre: Comedy / Hentai / Romance
MSRP: $18.95 (USD)
Contents: 9 Chapters / 212pg.

I know it's rather unconventional for the site. To be reviewing a hentai (ero) manga on Anime Vice. This is actually a series that I read years ago in scanlations and was rather taken with it. I recently found the book from a reputable online retailer. Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of the ero-manga and animes. Far too often the themes used are rape and violence in the sex acts. Two things I don't find arousing at all, and isn't that the whole point of these kind of manga? Another thing I don't like about many ero-manga series is that they are just a bunch of random scenes, and there is no story progression or plot.
That's what brings me to the manga Domin-8 Me. This was something that rather stood out to me. The sex scenes are not violent, for the most part; the characters are interesting, and it actually has a really nice story to it.
The size of the book is a little larger than your average manga. It's 6 x 8.25 inches (15 x 21.1cm). The paper quality is really good as well.

 The main cast.
 The main cast.
I had quite the chore selecting preview images that I felt have a feel for the art work, but didn't show too much nudity. While I know that erotic images are allowed on Anime Vice. I wanted the content of this review to at least be appropriate for more people to read.

The Plot

The series was originally titled in Japan as Take On Me (テイク オンミー). It's likely Eros Comix retitled the manga to avoid any sort of copyright issue with the 1985 hit song entitled "Take On Me" by the band known as A-ha, but that's just speculation on my part. It's a total two volume series, but I believe that only the first volume has been released in the US so far.
This manga follows two main characters. A rather meek and diminutive, 5'3", high school student named Tomonori Tsuda, and the stoic, 6'1", beauty Hikaru Ohno. The best way I can think of to describe her personality would probably be to compare her to Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh. A person who is hard to read and intimidating, but still rather loving. Hikaru Ohno just has more attitude to her.
 They are going to get a cold in the rain like that.
 They are going to get a cold in the rain like that.
One day during school, Tomonori was bumped into and accidentally dropped his digital camera. Well, it fell right between the legs of Hikaru and caught a rather compromising photo of what was going on under her skirt. Tomonori uses this photo to blackmail Hikaru to have sex with him. He regrets the offer as soon as he makes it, but before he can apologize and reverse the offer. Hikaru rather casually agrees to it. They engage in torrid sexual escapades for about a month. Until, Tomonori's guilt outweighs his lust. That's when he discovers that he was never forcing Hikaru into anything. In fact, she's had a crush on him for some time, and was planning to come on to him eventually. Adding playfully, that if he ever tries to break up with her. That she will tell everyone what he did. That's where the story really starts.
Later, we meet Hikaru's 26 year old sister, Kei Ohno. She has a hard time finding a man for herself. That's because her body never really developed as she grew up. Though in her twenties, she looks extremely young. Frustrated at being a 26 year old virgin. She sets her eyes on her sister's boyfriend, Tomonori. 
We are also introduced to Hikaru's self-proclaimed rival, Ryoko Enatsu. She is the manager of the school's baseball team, and the dominatrix of the team captain, Koichi Tatsukawa. Ryoko, who is sick of losing to Hikaru in everything, proposes a competition of who has the stronger boyfriend. Though the contest is probably not what you are thinking. Ryoko tries making it in baseball. The outcome is rather good, because Ohno steps in after Ryoko cheats.

The Good

The over all story and the comedy in this manga is pretty good. I like how the sex scenes and the jokes are far more lighthearted. I often found myself chuckling at some scenes and others I out right laughed. Hiraku's personality is just so entertaining in pretty much everything she does in the volume, and I do mean everything. Her willingness to sexually experiment with her boyfriend can be pretty funny. This is due to the fact that she brings things up so casually at times. Sort of akin to saying she would like Chinese food tonight.
 Now, that's generosity.
 Now, that's generosity.
A good example of this is when Hikaru catches her Kei trying to use her boyfriend. First, Hikaru is incredibly pissed off. Kei, in frustration, demands to know what she would of said if she had asked. Hikaru's response is rather surprising and funny.
A lot of the time in many ero-mangas. The art is rather sub par. The art work in this series is pretty damn good. The first chapter is a little so-so in parts, but it quickly gets better by chapter two and on. Things never look too busy or really awkward. The shading work is really well done in creating the right depth. Backgrounds are kind of minimal, but that's the way of things in manga, ero or otherwise. It's just enough to set the scene.
The anatomy of everyone looks rather realistic, for a manga. Breasts aren't obscenely gigantic, and they look like they have a weight to them. Though a wide variety of sexual poses and positions are used. They don't really look unrealistic. There is very little contortion involved.
This may be a touch that only really appeals to me, but I like that all the important characters in the series wear glasses. I'm saying this as a person who has worn glasses for most of his life. It's nice to see a whole cast wearing glasses in place of a single token character.
The manga keeps all that Japanese names from the original version, and edits are extremely minimal. That puts Eros Comix a step above VIZ Media in that area.

The Bad

It feels rather odd how Tomonori has a rather drastic redesign after the first chapter. His appearance starts off looking very young, and his hair is a very light color. By the second chapter, he looks a little older and his hair is changed to black. It's not too distracting, because the redesigns seems to be an improvement.

There is one small segment of one chapter that I thought wasn't very appealing. It was this rather random side story about a sex addict teacher, Miss. M; and a male student she's having some illicit affair with. It's rather rough, aggressive, and feels completely out of place from the rest of the manga. Only at the end do you discover that this whole scene was just from some porn movie one of the characters was watching. The revelation seems to of been for a comedic effect that falls pretty flat, in my opinion. 
 Yes, I actually noticed the text in this scene was off.
 Yes, I actually noticed the text in this scene was off.
There seems to be some editing issues with this manga. Right inside the cover sleeve, the two main characters are listed as Tomonori Tsuda and Hikaru Ohno. Inside the actual manga. The Ohno family name is spelled as "Ono", which is the way I read it in the scanlation version. There are also some moments in the mangas that he's called Tomohiro. I would of thought proper editing would of caught something like this. Perhaps the editor wasn't paying close enough attention to the words and was distracted by...something.

There are no Japanese honorifics used in the manga. Though, I've always looked to the honorifics as window dressing. Nice to have, but not necessary. There is also no translator notes. That's something I look to as a sign of quality.

Verdict 4/5

 Never question a woman with her own set of rope.
 Never question a woman with her own set of rope.
For an ero-manga. I think this is a solid book. It's entertaining, funny, titillating(dirtiest word I used all review), and it had a nice romantic angle to it. There's a rather tender image on the last page. It all has a pretty nice erotic feel that lives up to what I remember when I first read this series years ago. I like that these characters are so into each other because who they are. Not what there bodies look like. It's built not around appearances, but heart and passion. Though, that doesn't mean they don't get pretty kinky with each other.
I am glad to have this in my library. It's disappointing that I'm not sure if they will be releasing volume two anytime soon.
This is not the kind of ero-manga you are looking for if you like the wild tentacle rapes that permeate the genre. With the monstrously large phallus on men in impossible acts of penetration. While Tomonori is rather impressive. It doesn't look humanly impossible. Though the "wet work" and other amount of fluids are just as fantastical. That is to be expected in the ero-manga genre.
When I balance all the pros and cons against each other with this book. I would rate this a 4 out of 5. It was the random teacher side story and the lack luster editing that brought it down for me. Though, I got this at a discount online. It was certainly well worth what I paid for it.
I do highly recommend this book, but only to the 18 and up set.

Favorite Moment: Ch. 4 Hikaru's response "Sure"

Least Favorite: Ch. 7 Miss. M's side story

WTF Moment: Ch. 8 Where is that baseball bat?

Favorite Character This Volume: Hikaru Ohno

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