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Hikaru Ohno

Hikaru Ohno is the lead female of the ero manga series Domin-8 Me (Take On Me). She's a tall and perpetually calm woman. She starts an affair with her fellow classmate, Tsuda, that blossoms into a romance.

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros.

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros. are the cousins of Tomonori Tsuda from Holland. They love to dress as girls and cute things.

Kei Ohno

Kei Ohno is the older sister of Hikaru Ohno. Though she is 26yo. Her body stopped growing when she was younger.

Koichi Tatsukawa

Kōichi Tatsukawa is the star pitcher of the high school baseball team. He's also the submissive boyfriend to Ryoko Enatsu.

Miki Mazumade

Miki Mazumade plays the sex addict teacher in the AV movie "Slutty Teacher".

Ryoko Enatsu

Ryōko Enatsu is the childhood rival of Hikaru Ohno. She is the manger of the school baseball team. Her boyfriend/pet is Koichi Tatsukawa.

Tomonori Tsuda

Tomonori Tsuda is the boyfriend of Hikaru Ohno. He's a small young man, but he and Hikaru love each other.

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