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Domin-8 Me was originally known in Japan as "Take On Me". A hentai love-comedy created by Sessyu Takemura. It started out as sexual blackmail of Hiraku Ohno when Tsuda caught a compromising photo of her in school. Tsuda quickly realizes he was never forcing her into anything.


Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)
Take On Me Vol. 1 JPN (Jul 2004)

Domin-8 Me (Take On Me in JPN) is a hentai comedy/romance manga series created by Sessyu Takemura. It originally began publication in Core Magazine's Megastore Comics in 2004. The story follows the sexual and romantic exploration of the two main characters.

When digital photography nerd Tomonori Tsuda accidentally shoots an up skirt photo of classmate Hikaru Ohno, he discovers that she isn't wearing panties and she's far more of a freak than anyone ever knew -- there's... THINGS up in there! He gamely tries to use the photo to pressure the statuesque (six foot one of fun fun fun!) Hikaru into sex, only to have the tables turned on him as they embark on a wild, woolly, and very wet sexual relationship in which games, domination and humiliation play an enormous part. Soon Hikaru's older-but-immature sister Kei, Hikaru's jealous childhood rival Ryoko, and her (very lucky) boyfriend Koichi are drawn into the vortex of lust and perversion, resulting in three-ways, four-ways, and five-ways, with penetration combinations you have to see to believe, and more money shots per square inch than any other MangErotica comic


Publication History

Eros Comix (April 17, 2007)


In Japan, the series was originally titled with the English name of "Take On Me". The US publisher, Eros Comix, most likely altered the title to Domin-8 Me in order to avoid any possible copyright issue with the 1985 hit song entitled "Take On Me" by the band known as A-ha.


Hikaru Ohno (大野 光)

Hikaru Ohno
Hikaru Ohno

Hikaru Ohno is a tall 6'1" student who is both beautiful and enigmatic. Most find her hard the approach and no one can figure out what she's thinking. One day, Tomonori Tsuda dropped his camera and caught a picture accidentally under her skirt. It revealed she wasn't wearing underwear and had a sex toy inserted inside her. The short, timid class-mate thought he was blackmailing Hikaru into a sexual relationship, but she later revealed that she had a crush on him before. She was planning on seducing him, and the two began a wild and torrid sexual affair that was originally just between the two of them, but more joined in.

Tomonori Tsuda (津田 知憲)

Tomonori Tsuda
Tomonori Tsuda

Tomonori Tsuda is a short 5'3" student who was frequently bullied and had a hard time getting a date. By accident, Tomonori dropped his camera and caught a picture under the skirt of Hikaru Ohno. He used the photo to convince her to let him have sex with her. His guilt at blackmailing Hikaru was mostly overpowered by the repeated sex the two had. When he tried to apologize and end the relationship, Hikaru revealed he never forced her to do anything. She had liked him for awhile and was planning to seduce him eventually. The two began their affair that blossomed into a romance between the two.

Kei Ohno (大野 恵)

Kei Ohno
Kei Ohno

Kei Ohno is the elder sister of Hikaru Ohno, but her lot in life kept her short and under developed. Even at the age of 26, she is still a virgin and unable to find a guy. The men her own age refused to date her because of her young appearance. and the men who would date her were complete creeps. Her sexual frustration build in her as a short fuse on her temper, and she tends to violently lash out at people who mock her looks. When she discovers Hikaru's affair with her classmate, Kei invited Tomonori over to try and seduce him behind her sister's back. After being discovered, Hikaru consented to allow Kei to use her boyfriend to lose her virginity, and she occasionally joined in their trysts, afterward.

Ryoko Enatsu (江夏 撩子)

Ryoko Enatsu
Ryoko Enatsu

Ryoko Enatsu is the childhood friend and intense rival of Hikaru Ohno. The two have been neighbors since they were infants, but Ryoko could never win against Hikaru. As a woman, she's beautiful, dark-haired, and an unashamed dominatrix. She's the manager of the school's baseball team, and the star pitcher Koichi Tatsukawa is her loyal love-slave. He obeys her every command and Ryoko challenged Hikaru to a competition of who had the better boyfriend. Despite Ryoko's cheating, Ohno won, and Ryoko was caught into Hiraku's web of sexual adventures with Koichi.

Koichi Tatsukawa (達川 孝市)

Koichi Tatsukawa
Koichi Tatsukawa

Koichi Tatsukawa is the school's star picture on the baseball team, but no one knows that he's also the willing love-slave of the team manager Ryoko Enatsu. He enjoys following her every command and loves the abuse. She follows her command to challenge Hikaru's boyfriend Tomonori in baseball. After they lost this bet, Koichi and Ryoko found themselves caught Hikaru's sexual adventures. Though privately Ryoko may treat him like an animal, he does know that she also loves him.

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros. (ホセ・エミリオ と ハビエール ・津田・ソリアーノ 兄弟)

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros.
Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros.

Jose Emilio & Xavier Tsuda Soriano Bros. are the cousins of Tomonori Tsuda from Sweden. They are a pair of mixed descent twin boys who are bi-sexual and dress as girls. They are obsessed with things they see as cute and move to Japan. They had aimed to have Tomonori's virginity, but lost out to his girlfriend Hikaru Ohno. After they meet Hikaru's smaller, older sister, they immediately fell for how cute she is, and wanted to become her lover. She fell for the pair of twins, and became caught into their nearly endless lust.

Miki Mazumade

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Take On Me 2
Oct. 19, 2007
Domin-8 Me
July 31, 2004
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English Name Domin-8 Me
Japanese Name: Take On Me (テイク オンミー)
Romaji: Teiku On Mī
Publisher Eros Comix
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Take On Me
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