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The Tokkei, also known as 'Dolls' due to their emotionless nature take down dangerous criminals who have been given the deal sentence. But their jobs get harder due to the looming threat of the 'Doll Hunters'.

Usaki is the newest member of the Tokkei, and just by his luck he is placed into the best of all the Tokkei brigade, the First Brigade. But the other two members, Shouta and Seiju  are hesitant to allow the newest member to replace their late comrade. Usaki is the reason that the Tokkei were given their nickname, 'Dolls'. The last thing the First Brigade wants is to be three emotionless and soulless dolls.
The First Brigade and the other Tokkei take down the Empire's most dangerous criminals, with orders to carry out the death sentence. But things aren't as easy as they seem when it feels like everybody is against them.
General Information Edit
English Name Dolls
Japanese Name: ドールズ
Romaji: Dooruzu
Publisher Ichijinsha
Start Year 2005
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