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Dolls, a franchise by Naked Ape (Otoh Saki & Tomomi Nakamura), follows the 1st brigade of the 'Tokkei' (Special Executions Unit). Who are in charge of investigating, and carrying out the execution of criminals that were sentenced to the death penalty .

In the third Toutoh Empire, there was a massive spike in immigration, which in turn led to an increase in violent crimes. The jails have no space for all of the criminals. In order to release pressure on the over crowded prisons, the government put out a new law called the Rationalization of Trials, or the RoT. The RoT allows a trial to be held with out the defendant present, if the evidence permits. The sentence is called for, which is usually death. To enforce the RoT the government created a special police force called the 'Official Unit For Punishment And Special Executions) or Tokkei for short.

The Tokkei

The Tokkei are a special police force created for the single purpose of carrying out sentences given via the RoT. The Tokkei are considered heartless assassins, even referred to as Dolls. Dolls, being a joke of their seemingly emotionless fronts, are extremely talented with weapons, fighting, and strategy. The Tokkei are separated into 'Brigades'. Each brigade consists of 3 Tokkei members. There are 47 brigades in total; The First Brigade being the strongest and most fierce, the Second being the second most vicious, est. The Tokkei must confirm their target before executions with help from intelligence.

The First Brigade

The First Brigade of the Tokkei consists of Shouta Mikoshiba, Seiju Shikibu, and Usaki 'Usagi' Toudou. They are the strongest and most fearsome trio of the Tokkei. Shouta, the captain, had a 100% pass rate of his missions, making him one of the most successful and deadly members of the Tokkei.

Doll Hunters

In the 3rd Toutoh Empire there are people who oppose the RoT and the Tokkei. The main antagonist to the Tokkei are the Doll Hunters. The Doll Hunters are a group of terrorists, aimed to destroy the Tokkei once and for all. The Doll Hunters are just as fierce and brutal as the Dolls themselves, if not worse.
General Information Edit
Name: Dolls
Name: ドールズ
Romaji: Dōruzu
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