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A species of dog people in the ThunderCats universe. Much like Thunderians the Dogs have several varieties of sub-species/clans, most notably the Jackals.

The Dogs were brought to Third Earth aboard the Black Pyramid to serve as slaves for Mumm-Ra, their leader Shen alongside the Lizard leader Rezard and the Thunderians Leo and Panthera organized a rebellion against Mumm-Ra and defeated him alongside other animal people such as the Monkeys, Birds, Fishmen, Tigersharks, and Elephants. Sometime after the fall of Mumm-Ra the animal people went their separate ways and formed new communities on Third Earth. Many of the Dogs lacked any true clan ties and settled in various communities, a large number of dogs lived among the "tailed cats" in the poor communities within the kingdom of Thundera. Much like the tailed Thunderians most of the dogs lack any clan ties due to few purebred dogmen still alive.
Even Kaynar who is considered to be a representative of the Jackal clan is clearly not a pure-bred Jackal like Shen and the Jackals seen in the episode Legacy.
The social structure of the dogs seems to be unclear, they seem to be spread widely across Third Earth, there is a Dog city where they force slaves and criminals to fight to the death in gladiator combat in an arena called The Pit, and some indication by Mumm-Ra that the Jackal Clan has thrived and has a powerful army, which is why he recruited Kaynar to his cause. hoping the Jackal will assume leadership of the dogs.
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Concept Name Dogmen/Jackals
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Aliases Dogs
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