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SHOGUN’S NOTE: The summer season is in swing, at last! I’ll be doing my best to watch most, if not all, of the new simulcasting pilots. As such, regular shows like ATTACK ON TITAN, ONE PIECE and, of course, DBZ will be getting a brief break in coverage to make room. Stay tuned, and don’t panic - - their eventual catch-ups will be spectacular!

Well, you got to at least respect a show for living up to its weird title right away. When the little doggy was getting all these vanity shots at the beginning, I figured this was a show that Matt Rorie would just eat up. Of course, just as quickly, the cute pup gets threatened with sharp objects by a perv. I doubt Matt would appreciate that, so I’ll be using a different tract to discuss this intentionally-weird show.

It’s probably a sign that I’ve watched too much of this shit when my pop-culture synesthesia starts drawing comparisons between an anime and the works of Kurt Vonegut or Franz Kafka. No, I’m not saying that DOG SCISSORS has the sort of literary respectability that’ll ever make staff at the NEW YORKER start breathing heavily, but… I don’t know… there are specific flavors and textures to surrealism, as I’ve said before, and this stimulated plenty of the same taste buds as SLAPSTICK did. It’s a very precise cocktail of non-sequitor plotting, strange fetishes, highly-coincidental callback and the playful treatment of weighty, philosophical topics.

(Seriously, there’s only about three minutes of screen time separating the cutsey doggy shenanigans from a teenager getting graphically murdered on-screen. Only in Japan, people!).

None of this is a compliment so much as an observation. I actually put SLAPSTICK down permanently after about 50 pages (sorry, Kurt!), and my interest is already pretty tenuous about seeing much more of DOG SCISSORS beyond this pilot. Once again, I’m going to tempt otaku blasphemy and suggest that I might be more invested in this show if it had a proper dub. I figure the manic energy of this bibliophilic dog’s reincarnation would be a lot funnier if I didn’t have “10 second delay” that sub-titles bring.

I’ll guess this blew all you lunatics away, though?

Watch this episode, "Every Dog Has His Day” here and decide for yourself.

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I turned this off after getting through the beginning scene and the terrible opening animation. Fastest I think I've ever given up on something. I still haven't heard that many good things about it even with episode 2 being out, except that maybe 2 is better than 1.

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Yeah i quit 1st run at it about half way past the intro.. which i normaly skip the splash intros any way since they give to much away.

the challenge atm is to get threw the 2rd episode. have seen 1 an 2 an i can not come up with 3 good things to say about the show. Animation is good.. thats about it for me.

Some are posting "OMG this will insite animal abuse!" he second show it promps more than that. sheesh. Um if your so easly influanced by a media form maybe good idea to step from the said form.Again i predict this show will become at some point the Cacher in the Rye of anime for animal crimes.

Also the irony is so thick in the show. He has a lust to live because he wants to read a bood named "Lust" ...

An belive it or not.. this season has even worse shows!

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I think this show is weird, but I've seen shows in earlier seasons that try weird and fail horribly. If you've going to be weird, be funny. At leas this show succeeds at jokes sometimes.

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The premise and trailer didn't really hook me in when I was working on the Summer Anime 2013 Trailers guide. After trying it, I admit it had some laughs. It's bizarre, but I think I'll keep going.

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You had me at comparing it to kafka and vonegut....not sure what I will think after reading this except yeah...only in Japan will something like this work (seriously dog glamor shots and then a teenage murder?).

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Oh god this show is so, so terrible. The GONZO QUALITY animation, the animal abuse, the implicit and explicit femdom, the mood whiplash, the sudden battle sequence in episode 5 featuring a giant semi-sentient tuna knife vs an indestructible pair of scissors...why can't I just look away?

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