Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs #7 - Dog-Gone It!

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 08/18/2006

Plot Summary

A young girl who misses her departed little brother gazes longingly at all the lovely little puppies at Woofles Pet Shop. Feeling sorry for her, Suguri lets her hold a little dachshund. Suguri turns her back on the two for just a moment, and when she turns back, they're both gone! Where could they be?! The search is on!

Viz Edition Release Date: February 19, 2008

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 64: Missing Dog
  • Chapter 65: Going After the Doggie!!
  • Chapter 66: The Celebrity Doggie
  • Chapter 67: School Days With the Doggie (Heaven)
  • Chapter 68: Scissorhands
  • Chapter 69: Frozen Peach
  • Chapter 70: Trouble Peach
  • Chapter 71: Painful Peach
  • Chapter 72: Black Peach
  • Chapter 73: Black Mel
  • Chapter 74: Goodbye
  • Chapter 75: House Call Volunteer


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