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Abraham Van Helsing

The Vampire Hunter who caught Alucard

Akisame Koetsuji

The Philisophical Jujitsu master, and one of the martial arts mentors to Kenichi Shirahama.


Aladdin is a goatsbeard brotula merman. A former member of the a Ryugu Kingdom forces, he joined the Sun Pirates as doctor after being freed from slavery under the Celestial Dragons.

Barazo Mankanshoku

Barazo Mankanshoku is the father of Mako and Mataro, and an unlicensed doctor who's lost more patients than he's saved.


Henry Philip McCoy from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.

Beatrice Grese

A mysterious doctor that works at Clermont Medical Hospital, who has a connection to the Amalgams.


Belladonna is the doctor on the island of Amazon Lily, and she is one of the Kuja Amazons.

Briggs Doctor

Briggs Doctor is the doctor stationed at Fort Briggs.

Camel Munzer

He is the deceased father of Salerm and Redseb and creator of the golem in the Shaman King franchise.


Cicropros is the creator of the Ghost Colony and said to be the greatest colony builder in the entire universe.


The doctor at the entrance to the Grand Line, and guardian of Laboon. Once a member of the Pirate Kings crew.

Daedalus Yumeno

RE-l Mayer's personal physician and head of the Proxy Research Team


Medical officer of G.I. Joe

Doc Q

Doc Q is the sickly doctor of the Black Beard Pirates. He is so weak that he needs a horse named Stronger to carry him, but the horse is just as sick as he is.

Doctor Hiriluk

One of the last few rogue doctors during Wapol's reign on Drum Island. The man who started Chopper on his dream of being a doctor.

Doctor Kobato

Dr. Kobato is the physician of the G-8 Marine Base. Oddly enough for a doctor, she has a phobia of blood.

Doctor Kureha

Kureha is a lady and witch of a doctor to Drum Island. The one who properly trained Chopper on his dream to be the best doctor.

Doctor Shamal

A womanizing doctor who hates having to treat men. He is also an assassin for the Vongola family who uses disease carrying mosquitoes to attack.

Doctor Tsubaki

He's the doctor who delivered Haru's twin boys, Bossun and Sasuke. He is also Sasuke's adopted father at Haru's request.

Doctor Tsurugi

Character from the fourth Vampire Hunter D novel & manga volume.

Dr. Hogback

Once a famous surgeon who was known to have saved over a thousand lives. Now he is a member of Gecko Morias crew, and helps him make his zombie army.

Dr. Schneider

He is a fictional assassin in Rave Master.

Dr. Stylish

A mad scientist and member of the special police force, the Jaegers. An Akame Ga Kill character.

Dr. Tuaro Ogenki

Doctor Ogenki is the head doctor of the Ogenki Clinic. He is "best-equipped" doctor in Japan and his clinc sees no problem as too big...or too small.

Duelo McFile

An upper class doctor from Taraak, who extends his service to the Crew of the Nirvana after becoming one of their captives, early on in the series.


Durel is a Catian doctor and a character from the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise.


A Decepticon who is quite compassionate and serves as a doctor, and has even been known to treat wounded Autobots. Glit is a mini-cassette who appears exclusively in the Kiss Players Position manga series

Gold-Toothed Doctor

Gold-Toothed Doctor is the lead alchemy scientists who was part of the experiments that created King Bradley as the Homunculus Wrath.

Grandmother Miyafuji

Grandmother Miyafuji is the grandmother of Yoshika Miyafuji. She is a skilled witch doctor in the Fuso Empire.

Hajime Hiura

Dr. Hajime Hiura is a neurosurgeon in Japan and also Seleaco Number V.


Indigo is the scientific genius who created the creatures for Shiki.

Ine Makigami

The first Pledge Queen of Tool Toul To and one of the original members of Sleeping Forest.

Isuzu Fujiwara

A character of the Manga/Anime Betrayal Knows My Name.


A talented young doctor who helps to stop a train robbery in Early Reins.

Johann Faust VIII

a fictional character of the anime and manga series Shaman King

Ju Sang-Sik

Ju Sang-Sik is the head of the Heung-In Hospital, one of the Ten Grand Masters of the Murim, a rival and an enemy of Elder Kwon and the Sun-Woo clan. He wanted to capture Shi Woon after discovering that he went through the Overhaul Rebirth which he researched for years.

Kazutaka Muraki

A doctor who eventually became insane.

Kenzo Tenma

A Talented Neurosurgeon on the Hunt for the Monster he Saved

Kirihito Osanai

The protagonist of Ode to Kirihito.


Knockout is a member of the Decepticons, notably their doctor in Transformers Prime, he ultimately betrays the Decepticons and joins the Autobots in Transformers Prime Predacons Rising.


Knocs is the chief medical examiner in Central City of Amestris.


Kumadori is a medical ninja from the Hidden Lead Village.

Kuro Hazama

Kuro Hazama is known as Black Jack the “Surgeon with the Hands of God,” he travels the world performing feats of miraculous surgical genius. Though all recognize his skill, Black Jack is widely hated, especially by the medical establishment, because he refuses to conform to rules of any kind.

Kyosuke Irie

The Director of the Village Clinic


A cyborg doctor living on the Double Planet.


A very small demon doctor that comes to the human world to help treat Baby Beel and/or Hilda. She strongly disapproves of Oga and has recently been working with Furuichi to find Lord En.

Leorio Palladiknight

Leorio is a fellow applicant who participated in the Hunter Exam. He's aiming on becoming a doctor.


Marilyn is the Marine A Go-Go antagonist character.


A detective from one of Hirano's manga works


Migaki is a doctor of the hospital in the Hidden Leaf Village.

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