Do you want mine, too?

Do you want mine, too? is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 08/01/2007

Plot Summary

Do You Want Mine, Too?
RomajiAtashi no mo hoshii?
TV Air Date
August 1, 2007
MangaCh. 13-14 (Vol.1)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

Amuro and Masashi are going to stay at Kaname’s house until they have repaired their house, which was badly damaged by the typhoon. When they thank Kaname’s mother for allowing them to stay, she replies that neighbours should help each other. After Masashi leaves to go fix the raft, Amuro asks Kaname if she can take a shower. As Amuro runs off to take a shower, Kaname’s mother comments to her son that Amuro is an energetic girl and he should take care of her. Hearing Lala, the family dog, bark in the garden, the direction Amuro ran off to, he goes over to tell her where the bathroom is, only to find her naked, taking a shower using the garden hose. A shocked Kaname quickly gets a towel for her. After covering herself with the towel, Amuro asks him for some clothes, since she was wearing the only ones she has left. Before he can get her anything she runs off straight to his room. When Kaname arrives in his room as well, Amuro has already grabbed herself a shirt and made a skirt out of a piece of cloth and some pins. She next starts going through his belongings, looking for food. Kaname tries to stop her when she starts his video player, which contains a tape he borrowed from Takeda. He trips though, and falls on top of Amuro. The shock causes something to fall down from the top of the lamp above their heads, suspended from the ceiling. When both lie on the floor, blushing, Amuro tells Kaname that something is on his head. Removing it, both realize it is a pair of panties, the pair Kaname found in the dressing room the evening the typhoon struck. Amuro recognizes it as a pair of panties and Kaname quickly claims they belong to his mother, who, hearing them, thinks he needed her. As Kaname’s mother leaves as quickly as she appeared, thinking she interrupted something, Amuro asks Kaname if he likes panties and if he would like to have hers as well. This incident causes Kaname to prohibit Amuro from entering his room. Putting up a sign on his door reading she is not to enter, he tries to explain that at their age they should not behave as she did, which she does not seem to understand.

After a restless night (after falling asleep he dreamt of Amuro) Kaname is awakened by Amuro sitting on his bed, suggesting going for a morning walk together. When he tells her angrily the sign on the door prohibits her from entering, she counters that she came in by the window. As she points to the window, Masashi shows his face, telling them he will tag along so he can find some materials for the houseraft. After a short walk they arrive at a local temple, where Masashi starts collecting materials for the house; he even tries to steal one of the lion statues. While Amuro runs around to see everything, dragging along Kaname, Mirei visits the temple. When admiring two large statues, she suddenly hears Amuro and Kaname approach, so she decides to hide. From her hiding place she hears Kaname tell Amuro not to touch some buns put there as offerings, but all Mirei hears is that it is not food and soft, but gets kind of hard when you touch it. Of course she wants to see what is happening. When trying to see what Amuro and Kaname are doing she stretches her blouse too much, causing a couple of buttons to pop off. Her surprised scream startles Kaname and Amuro, who by now is munching on one of the offerings. As Kaname tries to explain what is going on, the embarrassed Mirei hastily leaves the temple, screaming.

After leaving the temple as well, Kaname asks Amuro how she can be so carefree after losing her house and most of her belongings. Amuro replies she did not lose anything important this time and, turning away from Kaname, suddenly a bit gloomy, she already lost to the ocean what is most important to her. Not realising the mood change, Kaname tells her he has enough of getting dragged around by her, which causes Amuro to leave without replying.

Walking around, thinking he said too much Kaname runs into Masashi, who is still looking for materials to repair the house. Kaname comments on him carrying a piece belonging to the temple, but Masashi ignores it and instead tells him that unlike , Onoshima has not changed at all. He explains he grew up in the area, even went to . During one of his travels he met a woman on and when she got pregnant (of Amuro) he decided to live there with her. Masashi asks where Amuro is and looking at Kaname’s face tells him something is wrong. When Kaname confirms they had a fight, Masashi laughs and tells him they must be close in order to have had a fight. He also explains that a year ago Amuro’s grandmother did not return from a swim in the ocean. Amuro really loved her and got her X-shaped hair decorations from her. Realizing her grandmother must be what is most important to Amuro that she lost to the ocean, Kaname decides to go look for Amuro. After looking for her at home and in the process removing the prohibited signs, he runs into Makio, who came to Kaname’s house to hang out with Amuro. Masashi arrives as well and tells them Amuro might be in a cave on Onoshima, since a rock there looks a lot like the rock on from where her grandmother used to swim. Whenever something happened to her, Amuro would go to that rock for comfort. Makio decides to help Kaname look for Amuro and calls Momoko, Ikamasa and Takeda as well. Looking for Amuro in the cave, Kaname slips and falls near the water’s edge. From the water he sees something approaching him. Thinking it is a mermaid like the one that nearly drowned him, he is overwhelmed by fear, until he realizes it is Ono-chan. Meanwhile Makio arrives at the cave with Momoko, who, annoyed, claims she was busy (lazing about) and Ikamasa, who remembers playing in the cave when he was young. As Ikamasa makes a fool of himself as usual, Kaname reaches the other end of the cave, where he spots Amuro on a large rock. He tries to jump over, but is caught by a geyser-like water chute. Amuro rescues him and tells him that action scared her enough to rid her of her stomach pain. It turns out she was crying because of the pain, most likely caused by the offerings she ate at the temple. When Kaname apologizes for the things he said and not knowing about her grandmother dying at sea, Amuro tells him she does not believe her grandmother died. By now Makio’s group has caught up, Momoko still being grumpy for being interrupted. Afterwards they all have a barbecue. Kaname comments on Amuro getting fired up just by looking at the ocean and Masashi replies she is a good girl and asks him to be good friends with her. Amuro wants to go for a swim after seeing the ocean so she strips to her swimsuit and dives into the ocean, only to hit her head. Dragging the unconscious Amuro out of the water, Kaname thinks that after knowing her for a month, despite not knowing that much about her, he feels like he understands why she loves the ocean.

Points of Interest

  • Kaname’s mother is introduced, though her name is not mentioned.
  • The episode tells us more about the Ninagawa family, especially Amuro’s grandmother and her relation to Amuro.
  • The title refers to Amuro asking Kaname if he wants her panties as well as the pair he has hidden in his room.
  • The previous episodes covered three manga chapters; this one only covers two, the remaining chapters from volume 1. The extra scenes seem to be based on events from later volumes.
  • Momoko’s, Ikamasa’s and Takeda’s scenes when Makio calls them for help are loosely based on their short stories in the bonus section of volume 3 of the manga.
  • The part of Amuro running away and sitting on a rock might be based on an event in volume 5 of the manga, in which during a training camp on her home island Amuro gets jealous, runs away and Kaname finds her on “her grandmother’s” rock (the one mentioned in this anime part).
  • This episode takes place a month after Amuro arrived in (episode 1).
  • Like the previous episode, the eyecatch does not appear to be based on a frame from the manga.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Kaname putting up signs to prohibit Amuro from entering his room is an anime only scene.
  • The temple visit, including Mirei’s part is anime only.
  • Amuro running away (and Kaname, Makio, Momoko and Ikamasa looking for her) is an anime only part (although probably based on a much later event in the manga). The piece of Masashi explaining he is from Umineko and that Amuro lost her grandmother is from chapter 14 of the manga, though.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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