Do you Believe in God?

Do you Believe in God? is an anime episode of Kamisama Kazoku that was released on

Our first episode introdecws the climax and the story about our two main characters and their past. First scene shows just how powerful god is. When Samatarou dazes off and starts thinking about bloomers. Tenko is watching his actions carefully. When suddenly the professor attacks a student while wearing bloomers!!!! Both of them know that this happened because god just happen to see samatarou dozing off and made his wish come true.

While the two calmed down and were on their way home Samatarou gets invited to go to the arcade but Tenko aggressively refuses.

Which results in a chop to the head. As Samatarou was cooling down from the blow he asks "why do you Tenko fellow me around all the time?"

Her answer is simple yet surprisingly straight forward

"because that is angel's Tenkos duty!"

This is the first scene were we see our couple truly connect.

When they finally get home it shows just how crazy Samatarou's home life is.

Due to the stress of evenings events he decides to skip out on his favorite dinner and stay in his room. While Tenko worriedly waits downstairs waiting for him. Late in the night Samatarou gets up and walks to the kitchen and sees they left him leftovers. When he was done his small snack he starts to take the dishes to the sink. As he sets them down he sees Tenko leaning against the wall. He realizes she must have been waiting down here for me so she could warm up the food and clean up the dishes. The only thing that he had to say was "what a hopeless girl, couldn't even stay up long enough to catch me" as Samatarou walks to bed Tenko awakes and is startled when she sees she is wrapped in Samatarou's blanket yet another love connection.

The next school day starts like most but then a new exchange student walks in Samatarou feels love at first sight. As Tenko feels for the first time scared.

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