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DNA² is an anime series in the DNA² franchise
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The Nutty Professor meets Futuregirl. Reviewed by lordbane666 on Jan. 7, 2012. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

DNA Squared (or DNA2) takes place in modern day Japan. We first meet a 15 year old high school student named Junta Momonari, who has a very unusual problem. Whenever he is around women, and any sexual thoughts enter his mind, he gets violently ill and pukes likes a geyser. Needless to say, he is about as unpopular with women as one person can be. He then gets paid a surprise visit by the female lead in our story (and nearly constant source of comity), a girl from the far future named Karin Aoi. This frosty haired young lady in a skin tight suit is something called a "DNA Operator", and her job is to alter peoples DNA that will change their nature "for the greater good of society". She informs Junta that he is the original carrier of the "Mega-Playboy" DNA, which causes all women to become instantly attracted to him, as well as putty in his hands, and he would eventually have 100 children! Those offspring also carry the Mega-Playboy DNA and they all have 100 kids, and there descendants as well have it. By the time we get to Karin's time, the world is dangerously overpopulated thanks to the over-proliferation of Junta's distant descendants, that people need state permission for the privilege of getting married, and couples can only have one child. In order to set things right and change the future for the better, she shoots Junta with a DCM ("DNA Control Medicine") bullet, which will nullify the Mega-Playboy DNA. After doing this, she returns to her time machine, thinking her mission is over and she will not only get paid, but get permission to marry, and have the "nice husband, cute pet, and sweet, sweet home" she so desperately wants. She instead gets a message from her boss in the future. It seams she left her home with the wrong DMC bullet, and rather than shooting Junta with the DCM that would nullify the Mega-Playboy DNA, she shot him with a DMC bullet she was going to use to create the perfect husband for herself. This mistake results in Junta developing the Mega-Playboy DNA, and rather than save the future, Karen dooms it! As Junta's DNA becomes unstable, he wavers between his usual self and the Mega-Playboy, normally without any control or even realizing this change. He becomes a totally confident chick magnet and super fighter while under the influence of his newly acquired DNA, which is only part of the time. The rest of the time, he becomes his normal self who is a "scared to death of sexy girls" teenager, and becomes sick to his stomach when aroused by good looking women, all but his childhood friend, the "Plain Jane" girl next door named Ami Kurimoto. Karen observes that Ami is immune to the Mega-Playboy DNA, even gets upset when she sees it (rather than getting turned on like all the other girls) and Karen hatches a plan. She needs to hook up Junta with Ami in order to nullify the Mega-Playboy DNA, and hide the fact she goofed up big time from her boss while doing so. The only problem is Junta isn't attracted to Ami, seeing her more to be a sister rather than a love intrest. He does however, fall in love with Karin, who is not immune to the Mega-Playboy DNA, and has to constantly stop herself from reciprocating that love. As the Mega-Playboy becomes more apparent, Junta inadvertently attracts more of his female schoolmates, and from this makes some powerful rivals from the boys who are on the loosing end of the deal.

DNA2 can be best described as a sci fi comity about romance and how, in trying to play God, Humans, with all of our flaws, can quickly make matters worse rather than making them better. The series relies on comity as it's major element, mostly of the "Epic Failure", slapstick, and wacky variety, with some toilet humor working it's way in on occasion. Most of this humor comes from the male and female leads, but some of the other girls who fall for Junta also provide a source for comity. In addition to the "stumbling romance" element, the series also has sci fi elements, as well as some harem and occasional fan service, in the form of the girls stripping down to there big blobby underwear (that even a desperate 14 year old over hormoned horny geek-boy wouldn't find sexy) and some rare action plot elements as well. This 12 episode series was poorly drawn, even for the standard of it's time (1994) and the dialog was often thin and choppy. The story, though well conceived and presented, was poorly executed, hindered more so by the bad dialog. There was some character development but it could have went much further, and the story development was slow at best. As a whole, if it wasn't for the fact the series was main stayed by humor (which was more the "put a smile on your face" kind, rather than the laugh out loud sort) and the rare action sequences (which where adequate though choppy in spots), the series would have been completely boring and unwatchable, just another offshoot of the "Doctor Jekyll, Mr Hyde" story, that we have already seen copies of, poorly done. I gave it one star for the humor alone, the only thing saving this series from being totally worthless.

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