DNA Sights 999.9

DNA Sights 999.9 is an anime movie in the DNA Sights 999.9 Franchise
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After Earth is devastated in an apocalyptic meteor shower, it is taken over by a military cartel calling itself the Trader Forces, which is secretly supplied by an alien woman called Photon. A second woman, Mellow, "casts her cosmic consciousness" at Earth, where it crashes in 2024 with the impact of another meteorite. Daiba, a local boy, investigates the crash site but is arrested by the Traders. Contacted telepathically by Mellow, he is told that he, an Earth girl called Rei, and a third party whom they will have to find themselves (who turns out to be a cat) are all examples of the next stage in evolution. Aided by Mellow, the three must overthrow the Traders.

"This contains the essence of all my previous works. It's a space opera that also focuses on Earth's environmental problems," said creator Leiji Matsumoto at the time of this anime's release; neatly sidestepping the issue of yet another rewrite of his standard character templates reusing ideas and imagery from his Galaxy Express 999 and Queen Emeraldas.

There are a few new ideas, such as the magma-dwelling "underlife" creatures briefly encountered, but essentially this is a run-of-the-mill teen adventure using familiar-looking characters in an attempt to drag in longer-standing fans of Matsumoto's other work. That was certainly the way it was sold in Japan, where press releases could not resist hinting that both Captain Harlock and the Yamato spaceship from Star Blazers would make cameo appearances.

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Masayuki Kojima Director
Leiji Matsumoto Original Concept Leiji Matsumoto is known for his unique design style and epic space operas.
Marisuke Eguchi Character Artist/Designer
Tatsuhiko Urahata Writer Tatsuhiko Urahata is a Japanese writer for anime.
Katsumi Itabashi Mech Designer
Katsuo Ono Music
Katsuyuki Tamura Animation Director
Masao Maruyama Producer Founder of Studio Madhouse.

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General Information Edit
Name: DNA Sights 999.9
Release Date: Dec. 18, 1998
Name: 火聖旅団ダナサイト999.9
Romaji: Fire Force Danasight Four-Nine
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 50 (mins)
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Aliases Fire Force DNA Sights 999.9
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