D.N Angel Characters

D.N Angel is an manga series in the DNAngel franchise
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Daiki Niwa

Daisuke Niwa's grandfather and the joker of the family, he often embarrasses Daisuke by trying to give him advice in his love life.

Daisuke Niwa

Daisuke is the shy main character who shares a body with the alter ego Dark Mousy.

Dark Mousy

Dark Mousy is a conscious living in the DNA of Daisuke Niwa.

Emiko Niwa

Daisuke's mother and Daiki's daughter. She's very energetic and constantly embarrasses her son.


Kei Hiwatari

Kosuke Niwa


Menou Kurashina

Menou Kurashina is a minor character in the series of D.N Angel. However, she plays a large role in the life of the previous phantom thief of the series.

Riku Harada

Risa Harada

Riku Harada's twin sister. She is in love with Dark.

Satoshi Hiwatari

Second Hand of Time

Takeshi Saehara

Towa no Shirube

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