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Diasuke Niwa is an average teenager that goes to an average middle school, but something strange happens on his fourteenth birthday. Not only did he get rejected by his dream girl Risa Harada but he's been having some weird emotions like for one. He's become a totally different person! His mother tells him this is normal for all males of their family to become a super thief along with this X personality Dark mousy. In this new reality Niwa finds new powers, new friends, and a new hobby. Every night he is sent to museums around his town disguised into his X ego Dark stealing powerful works of art that hold dark powers within.

Along with Niwa's daily school life avoiding the girl he got rejected by he also finds a new love to run after. While dealing with his midnight strolls in closed museums stealing objects under the name of Hiwatari.


Daisuke Niwa is our anime hero his family other then the fact that they react strange rituals to cure objects with cursed properties but Niwa is the one stealing them along with his X ego Dark. Together in one body not only does he stop dark magic but he also ... gets the girl!???

Risa Harada is our dream girl other then there is the fact that she has a twin sister Riku Harada. Which obviously is the exact opposite of one another. In the beginning Niwa falls for Risa but after he gets rejected his eyes are set on Riku even though they don't know it. Niwa's X ego Dark is Risa's true love but Risa constantly goes out of her way getting her self in trouble trying to find Dark. In the end she finds he love his best admired from a far and lets him go to find herself a better life. But like all first love they stay in heart forever

Dark is the X ego of all the males in the Daisuke family. He is also a talented phantom thief that steals objects from local art museums. he is also the love of Risa Harada and her grandmother which are strangely alike. Risa learns what it really means to love someone and hold back while Dark again loses heart.

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English Name D.N Angel
Japanese Name:
Publisher Tokyopop
Start Year 1997
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Aliases DNAngel
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