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Ditto is a Pokemon, number 132, that has the ability to transform into other Pokemon, and more.

Ditto is a shape shifter Pokemon, that can take on the appearance of other Pokemon and more. Without their transformation power, a Ditto is helpless, and cannot fight in its pink, blubbery state.

Height: 1'0"
Weight: 8.8 lbs.


Ditto is not too common in the anime, but it does make appearances. There are normal Ditto, which copy different Pokemon, and other objects, and they all function basically the same. But, there are two Ditto that stand out from the rest, well, now only one, but there used to be two.

Strange Face

This Ditto morphed just fine, but its face would not change, and would remain the generic "Ditto" style of face. This was cured all at once when Team Rocket's Meowth threatened it with its claw, and the strange faced Ditto overcame its weakness, and made its face normal again.


This Ditto could morph just like a normal Ditto, but, it had a unique ability. This ability proved to be such that it made normal sized copies of small Pokemon, slightly scaled down copies of medium Pokemon, and miniature copies of large Pokemon. It is unknown if the small size takes away from the strengths of the copied Pokemon.


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General Information Edit
Concept Name Ditto
Japanese Name: メタモン
Romaji Name: Metamon
Aliases Metamon
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Pokémon #37
1st anime movie:
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