Distant Goal

Distant Goal is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 04/27/2013

It's the final day of survival training for the astronaut candidates (ASCANs). However, Mutta has come down with a fever. Being so close to the end, Mutta doesn't want to give up so easily and bring down the rest of his team. Regardless of whether Team E (Mutta's team) decides to withdraw at this point, the ASCANs next task is to design a CanSat (a type of small payload rocket). Each Team gets an engineer to support them, but one of the engineers, named Pico, seems lazy and indifferent to the whole thing.

Distant Goal

Mutta caught a fever
Mutta caught a fever

Vincent and Larry, the supervisors for ASCANs basic training, talk in the morning. Larry asks why Vincent let Nitta keep his cell phone during survival training. Larry guesses that Vincent did it so that Nitta would owe him a favor. Vincent replies that he just does not want to interfere with the personal lives of others. Vincent and Larry hear about Mutta's fever and give Team E 5 minutes to decide whether or not they want to withdraw from the rest of survival training. Kenji tries to comfort Mutta by telling him to not worry about everyone else. In his mind, Kenji knows that if Mutta wants to continue, the rest of the team will help him any way they can.

Since Amanti is the team's leader for the last day, is up to her to decide whether to continue. Amanti, being the fortune teller she is, knows what Mutta wants and says they will continue walking. As they prepare to set out for the day, Nitta volunteers to carry Mutta's backpack. Nitta realizes that it was probably his fault, for making Mutta search for his cell phone at night, that Mutta got sick. Everyone helps carry some of Mutta's load, and Mutta is really touched by everyone's teamwork. Amanti promises that they will reach their goal. Mutta's gratefulness toward his team gives him strength.

Larry explains the CanSat
Larry explains the CanSat

Near the end of the day, their goal (Amarillo, Texas) is finally within sight. Team E sees a package parachuting down to the ground. The package opens automatically, a small rover emerges and starts running around. Team B is third to complete survival training and arrive at the NASA building in Amarillo, Texas. Larry explains that their next task is to design a CanSat and enter the 26th Comeback Competition. The CanSat will carry a load into the air, land, and deploy a small rover, which will then navigate to a goal flag. They will be judged on distance covered and travel time. Each Team is given the same rocket shell but will have to design the CanSat, parachute and rover. Apparently Team A was first to finish survival training and is already hard at work (it was their rover that Team E saw fall out of the sky).

Shane from Team A and the student engineer Eric
Shane from Team A and the student engineer Eric

Team A meets up with with Team E as they retrieving the rover. The rover was designed by a student engineer who is acting as Team A's supervisor named Eric. Eric had participated in last year's Comeback Competition, so this rover is one that he made for the previous year and Eric was showing the rest of Team A how it worked. Each Team gets to choose the engineer that they want to have supervising their team. But since Team E is finishing last, they get the last engineer available.

"I&squot;ll take anyone except the guy on the right [Pico]"
"I'll take anyone except the guy on the right [Pico]"

Team E's engineer is named Pico. Pico seems really lazy and uncouth. He tells Team E that he doesn't care what they do, because it is inevitable that the team with the student engineer (Team A) will win since the student has been preparing for months for this competition. Pico says that is why his switch is "turned off". Pico relieves himself, saying he is going drinking with a friend.

Mutta is a little bummed that their engineer isn't supportive. But given Mutta's background in automobile engineering, Mutta hopes that this is a chance for them to make a comeback from last place. The Team bids Mutta good night, Serika advises that Mutta should be back to normal by tomorrow as long as he gets a good night sleep. Mutta asks Amanti privately whether Amanti's fortune was that he would get a fever. Amanti pauses and says "Y-yes, that was it." As Mutta looks up at the Moon before sleeping, he thinks about his younger brother Hibito, who is now a successful astronaut working on the Moon.

Points of Interest

"Hokori", pride or dust?
"Hokori", pride or dust?
  • Mutta has a 38.9 degree Celsius fever (or 102 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Serika feeds Mutta an acetaminophen pill, which helps reduce fever and pain.
  • The Japanese on Lowry's shirt says "hokori" (ホコリ) in Katakana. This is funny because Katakana is only ever used to write words that are borrowed from other languages. Since "hokori" means either "dust" or "pride", to distinguish between them pride (誇り) is written with Kanji, and dust (ほこり) is written with only Hiragana. So, if Lowry wanted to correctly write "pride" he could have either written プライド using Katakana, which is literally pronounced "puraido". Or 誇り using Kanji, which would be pronounced "hokori".
  • CanSats are a type of miniature payload rocket used to teach about space technology and small satellites. More information about CanSats and the CanSat Competition.
  • Serika used to be a medical doctor, which is why she takes initiative to care for Mutta.
  • Vincent and Pico meet in a bar at the end of an episode and do a weird handshake, it seems that they are drinking buddies.

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