Dist is a anime/manga character in the Tales of franchise
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Dist is know as either Dist reaper or in his childhooed year Saphir those her prefers Dist the Rose he is one of the many god generals that follow Van.He is also called Dist the runny by Jade this is true since his nose does run when he gets upset. Within the order of Lorelei he holds the rank of conductor and Locrain colonel as well is the commander of the 2nd division. Dist is the only god general who never engage the "Jade gang" in direct combat instead he use large mechs that are called Kaiser Dist to fight the party. Dist is a narcissist with a flameboyant style.He shoes this by his ostentatious chair and his unigue collar.He has a soft voices at times other times he has haughty voices to match is personality. His blind dedication to the cause of reviving his childhood teacher professor Gelda Nebilim shows that he is stuborn inability to let go of the past. It is possible that this is due to loneless or the fact that he hated Jade for not being able to make replica of  there professor.


Dist was born and raised in Keterburg the largest city upon the continent of Sylvana,which lies within the borders of the Malkuth Empire. During his youth Dist who was know as Saphir at the time studied long side his best friend Jade Curtiss and Jade's sister Nephry and the future emperor Peony IX they studied under Professor Nebiliem,who was retired Oracle knight researching the Planetary fonic arte. 
When Jade tried and failed to use the seventh fonon while at Nebilim's home,the art went out of control setting the house on fire and nearly killing the professor in the process.thought Jade and Saphir took her to the outskirts of town and attempted to make a replica of her but as the theory behind fomicry was imperfect then the replica was unstable since it lack the first and sixth fonons. Professor Nebilim went on a rampage killing several fonists to gather the fonons she lacked,eventually she was sealed in Nebiliem Crag by a division of the Malkuth Military under the orders of filed Marshall Govern.
Following this event Jade ordered that all research on fomicry be ceased since considered it to be both dangerous  and unethical in fear that his mistakes would be repeated in future. Dist on the other hand had promised himself  that he would do anything to resurrect Nebilim and believing Jade had given up on her and abandoned her. He did everything in his power to to even switching alliances,working with Mohs just so he could get Professor Neiliem's replica data. Rather surprisingly hes the creator of Anise's fighting doll Tokunaga which was gift for when she was nice to him however later on Anis decrides him as "a stupid rotten,friendless,ugly,snotty,poor exsuces for a human being after she belives him to be killed by the Nebilim replica.
Due to his "tenacity of a cockroch" he is able to escape death. Dist was the only god general to live throught the entire game reappering in the Nebilim and the contamination during the former where he survives a direct assult from the replica Nebilim.
General Information Edit
Name: Dist
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Tales of the Abyss #4
1st anime movie:
Aliases Dist the reaper
Dist the rose
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Attractive Male
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