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Disgaea is an anime series in the Disgaea franchise
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almost as fun as the game Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on Dec. 24, 2009. ThePsychoGamer has written 23 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!. 28 out of 37 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.
   Disgaea no doubt gave it's self a challenge by trying to compact the charm of a game that could last 100+ hours into a twelve episode anime, and manages to become one of those weird game adaptation that actually succeeds in being a good anime.
   Flonne, an angle from Celetlia who was sent to the neither world in order to assassinate the overlord, King Krichevskoy. When she arrives at the lair of the overlord she meets Laharl, the self absorbed son of Krichevskoy. She also learns that 
King Krichevskoy has been dead for years after choking on a dark prestle. Upon Laharl hearing this (who was in a poison induced coma) Laharl makes Flonne one of his Vassals along with Etna, a short tempered succubus. together these three are in a race to find the book that will grant a demon the power of a overlord.
   The anime manages to go over all the major plot points of the game while maintaining most of the games sense of humor (no breaking the forth wall though). Fans will enjoy seeing there favorite characters from the game animated, and there are a lot of them, Mid-boss, those space guys, and even that annoying girl who always says maybe are here, and yes, there are Prinnies, and we all love prinnies dood. While those who haven't played the game can jump right in an enjoy a quirky anime. As for the fans, a lot of the backround music was taken from the game, just another little plus. The cutesy animation may not, but shouldn't persuade some one to skip out on this fun anime.
Follow the plot of the game, generally funny
The animation
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