Discouraged Jerking

Discouraged Jerking is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 05/10/2012

Yuki wants to buy his own fishing gear, but doesn't have much money. Luckily since it's summertime, Haru, Natsuki and Yuki are able to work part-time on Ayumi's fishing boat. Yuki is a little hesitant and scared at first on the boat, but soon enough he becomes a true man of the sea and realizes how much he loves fishing with his friends.

Plot Summary

Misaki shows Yuki a pole
Misaki shows Yuki a pole

It's summer time and fishing lessons are going well. Yuki wants to buy his own fishing gear so he can stop borrowing gear from Misaki. However, he doesn't have much money, so he has to keep an eye out for a part-time job. Natsuki understands why Yuki wants his own gear, saying he himself didn't really get into fishing until he got his own gear. When they arrive at the Hemingway, Akira is also there and Misaki quickly shows Yuki a few fishing poles and reels. It's clear that Misaki is really knowledgeable and enthusiastic about fishing gear. The total for Yuki's purchase comes out to about 100 000 yen (roughly equivalent to $1260 US) which includes the pole, reel, lures and fishing-wear, but Yuki does not have that kind of money yet, so his own fishing gear will have to wait.

The guys and Misaki in the Hemingway Shop
The guys and Misaki in the Hemingway Shop

Ayumi comes into the shop, whom Yuki has not met yet. Natsuki explains that he's the captain of a fishing boat named the Seishunmaru, and is sort of like his older brother. Natsuki asks Ayumi if it's okay to let the three of them (Haru, Natsuki and Yuki) work on his fishing boat this summer. Ayumi says alright and reassures Yuki that after 3 days on his boat, he'll be a true man of the sea! However, Yuki is still a little nervous about using his fishing skills to earn money. When Haru tells his sister Coco that they got a part-time job, Coco is skeptical as to how having this job will improve Yuki's fishing. Coco also warns Haru to be careful because "he" might be out there. (See Note 1) Akira is watching them from a hidden camera and wonders who they are referring to. Akira then watches a video about Bermuda syndrome, the term used to refer to the abnormal occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle. Akira says he has no choice but to follow them onto the boat and fish with them.

Ayumi reassures Yuki
Ayumi reassures Yuki

The next day, Haru, Yuki and Natsuki start working on Ayumi's boat, the Seishunmaru. They will be fishing for mahi-mahi, large brightly colored fish that can grow up to 2m long. Yuki wants to catch one, but has trouble getting used to being on a boat. Natsuki is the first to start fishing and explains to Haru that he has to catch the first fish so that the other fish will follow and it will be easier for the customers to catch them. Once Natsuki catches a mahi-mahi he announces "cast away" to the customers, signalling them to go ahead and fish. If a customer catches a fish, Haru and Yuki have to be ready with the fishing net to pick up the fish. Unfortunately Yuki doesn't remember how to properly take a large fish out of the water (by holding the net perpendicular to the water) and breaks the net. Ayumi quickly comes down to the deck, apologizes to the customer and tells Yuki not to worry about it. At the end of the day, Yuki doesn't feel like he deserves pay, but Ayumi again says it's alright since it's his first day.

Yuki is having fun
Yuki is having fun

The next day, Haru, Ayumi, Natsuki and Akira are at the dock waiting for Yuki so they can set out to fish. Akira doubts that Yuki will come after embarrassing himself the other day, but Natsuki has faith in him. When Yuki arrives, he carries the repaired fishing net that he broke the other day. Natsuki teaches Yuki how to cast for the mahi-mahi. Yuki finds this cool, and without even thinking stands up on the boat for once (instead of crawling around like he did the first day). Yuki is happier at the end of the day, feeling that he earned his pay. Another day on the boat and it seems Yuki is a lot more confident moving around the boat and helping customers. Natsuki and Ayumi agree that Yuki is ready to catch the first mahi-mahi. After a little hesitancy, Yuki catches a mahi-mahi and, with a little encouragement from Ayumi, happily announces to the customers to "cast away". Yuki realizes that he changed that summer and always had friends by his side.

Points of Interest

  • When Misaki compliments Ayumi, Ayumi runs outside and thanks Benten-sama for his good luck. Benten-sama is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune.
  • When Yuki makes his nervous face, Ayumi jokes that Yuki looks like a stone fish, a highly toxic fish that can be found in Australia.


The following notes are referenced in the summary

1. "He" refers to the fish that Haru and Coco came to try to fish for. "He" is actually an alien from the same planet as Haru and Coco, and he is also given the codename "JFX" by DUCK.

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