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Digital World is a anime/manga location
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Armor Evolution

A different type of Evolution Introduced in Digimon Adventure 02. It granted the chosen children the ability to evolve through the use of the Digimentals to fight the Digimon Kaiser.

Bagra Empire

A legion of Evil Digimon that serve Baguramon. Their goal is to conquer every zone and eventually the whole Digital World.

Blue Flare

Kiriha Aonuma's Digimon Army.

Dark Tower Digimon

Fake Digimon created by Arukenimon from using the Digimon Kaiser's Dark Towers (Control Spires). Despite they are fakes they are as strong as the original.


The ability used in Digimon Xros Wars to fuse two or more Digimon together to make a new form. It is similar to Jogress Evolution but instead has more features such as Digimon becoming weapons.


Digimon are creatures that lives in the Digital World


Seen in Digimon series is a ability a Chosen Child or Tamer use to make their Digimon Partner go to the next level.

Jogress Evolution

Jogress Evolution (DNA Digivolution) is the process where two digimon merge into one new digimon.

Matrix Evolution

Seen in Digimon Tamers was an ability given to the Tamers to let their partners go to the Perfect Level (Ultimate Level), and later merge with their Digimon to become there Ultimate Level (Mega Level) forms.

Olympus Twelve

A group of Digimon named and modeled after the Roman Gods.

Royal Knights

A Group of 13 Knight Digimon who serve Yggdrasil and protect the Digital World from Evil.

Super Weapon

Any object or even character that is considered a weapon of great power that usually can change the world. Super weapons are usually created to be the ultimate weapon though sometimes they are only considered as such after demonstrating some form of great power.

The Seven Great Demon Lords

The Seven Great Demon Lords of the Digimon world their group is made up of Lucemon, Leviamon, Lilithmon, Beelzemon, Daemon, Belphamon, Barbamon. Each of them represent the Seven Deadly Sins.

Twelve Divine Generals

The Twelve Divine Generals or Devas are a group of Digimon representing the Chinese Zodiac.


Darkknightmon's Digimon Army.

Xros Heart

Taiki Kudo's Digimon army comprised of his friends and Shoutmon's.

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