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One of the Great Seven Demon Lords who represents Wrath. Demon is the most powerful of the Demon Lords.


A Dark dragon Digimon.


The first main bad guy of Digimon adventure season one.


A Perfect (Ultimate) Level digimon thats body is hidden in it's egg shell.


Fish-type digimon that work for Metal Seadramon.


A messenger of the Digimon Sovereigns sent to Shinjuku to give the Tamers the ability to merge with their Digimon in the real world. He became good friends with the girl named Alice McCoy.


A virus insectoid Digimon.


A small drum Digimon that is a member of Team Xros Heart.


One of the Seven Death Generals of the Bagura Empire. Dorbickmon rules Dragon Land and controls a mass army of Dragon Digimon. His must trusted of his men is Huanglongmon who he uses to DigiXros with.


A Beast Dragon Digimon, and one of the Mega forms of Dorumon. This Digimon bears the title of 'The Final Enemy' and bears an interface on it's brow, a symbol of it's age and it's heritage.


A new breed of dragon Digimon with the X-Antibody in its body.


A Vampire rookie level Digimon who is the partner of Ren Tobari.


A Blue Dragon Digimon Taiki saved from Dorbickmons army.


One of the members of the Royal Knights and the Ultimate Evolution (Mega Level) form of Guilmon.


One of the 10 Legendary Warriors. He is the corrupted form of Lowemon, created by Cherubimon and was given to Kouichi Kimura.


A member of the Royal Knights who is a very strong warrior due to his immense strength giving him the title of a Juggernaut.


The Second villain the Digi-Destined faced. He is an Ultimate level Digimon, that uses the Dark Network to watch over his control area of the Digital World.


One of the Royal Knights. Examons wings are known as separate entity called Caledfwlch. He decides when Examon flies or shields him from danger. He is known to be a king among dragon Digimon.


A fire lizard Digimon.


A plant lizard digimon.


Matt Ishida's Digimon Partner


One of the Greymon subspecies who is a carrier of the X Antibody.


A Armor Level Digimon, obtained by using the Digi-Egg of Light on Veemon.


Gatomon is a Adult (Champion) Cat Digimon and the partner of Hikari Yagami. She used to work for Myotismon until she discovered she was Hikari's partner. She is able to turn into Angewomon.


A mysterious being that the Chosen Children first encountered after the battle with Devimon. He claims to be data, but without the same attributes as Digimon.


A machine dragon Digimon. Gigadramon is almost identical to Megadramon except for his body being grey and his metal wings. He is stronger than Megadramon but lacks the speed he has.


A rock humanoid Digimon.


A Warrior Digimon and a carrier of the X Antibody. In Xros Wars he is the General of Sword Zone for the Bagura Empire. After being defeated by Taiki, he is purified when the Code Crown's merge and the Zone is reformatted.


An Ultimate (Perfect) Level train Digimon which evolved from Locomon.


One of the Bagura Empires Seven Death Generals who rules Canyon Land. Gravimon learns his fellow generals' defeat by Xros Heart and brainwashes Kiriha to work for him.


A different version of Greymon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars. It is one of the partners of Kiriha Aonuma and can merge with MailBirdramon to form MetalGreymon.


One of the 10 Legendary Warriors. Grottomon is the Warrior of Earth and was the first evil Warrior the Chosen Children had to face. He was able to steal a few of their spirits.


A machine Digimon and the Partner of Hirokazu Shiota.


The Digimon partner of Tagiru Akashi. Gumdramon is able to evolve into Arresterdramon.


Miyako Inoue's partner.


The leader of the four Digimon Sovereigns who has eight eyes and twelve digi-cores lining his back. In Digimon Xros Wars he is Dorbickmons Xros partner.


A version of Devimon able to use Ice.


Mervamons little brother who became a subordinate to Zamielmon after losing hope in beating the Bagura Empire.

Ikuto Noguchi


A mischievous Digimon that runs around Shinjuku causing havoc against humans.

Izumi Orimoto

One of the main characters of Digimon Frontier who is the legendary Warrior of Wind.


A wise and intelligent Ultimate Level (Mega Level) Digimon.

Junpei Shibayama

One of the main characters of Digimon Frontier who is the Legendary Warrior of Lightning. Junpei is the oldest of the group and has a crush on Izumi.


A Wizard Digimon.

Kari Kamiya

Tai's Younger sister, and the eight member of the Digi-Destined team. Her Digimon partner is Gatomon.

Ken Ichijouji

Once the cruel and sadistic Digimon Emperor, Ken repented and helped the Chosen Children to fight the new evil terrorizing the Digital World. His partner is Wormmon.

Kiriha Aonuma

The leader of Blue Flare he at first wanted to add Taiki to his army due to his power but turned him down and instead became a rival to Kiriha. His partner is Greymon.


A Perfect (Ultimate) level Digimon clad in silver armor.

Kouichi Kimura

Kouichi is Kouji's twin brother who was separated at birth when they were born. Kouichi was revealed to be the Warrior of Darkness and used by Cheribumon to become Duskmon and kill his brother and his friends.

Kouji Minamoto

One of the main characters of Digimon Frontier. Kouji is the Legendary Warrior of Light and is able to turn into Wolfmon.

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