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I have been so neglectful to our few yaoi fans here on Vice! A Google alert led me to an LJ post about how DMP had licensed Maiden Rose but vaguely recalled the book already being licensed, so I assumed it was older news. It wasn't until user Sunflower mentioned it on the Twittercon post that I WAS originally licensed. By troubled BL publisher Drama Queen, back in 2007, and never released.

Maiden Rose, or Hyakujitsu no Bara, is a popular mature-rated title about a commander and his "knight" who try to make a relationship work in the midst of a harsh war. It was made into an anime OVA back in May this year; the OVA is still unlicensed. (Hint, hint, Media Blasters!) Here, have a trailer.
One of the reasons why Maiden Rose is so popular is that while one of the characters is very effeminate, not ALL of them are-- you'll see very quickly that one of the men in ths relationship is decidedly...well, manly. Which is pretty unusual in your average yaoi! It's also got phenomenal art and an interesting story, so how can you get better'n that?
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Its great that Maiden Rose is re-acquired yet it must be another crushing blow to Dramaqueen.   Who know how many titles are going to be re-licensed and for DQ, that's money down the crapper!
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