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DigiQuartz is a anime/manga location
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Airu Suzaki

One of the Digimon Hunters who likes to hunt cute Digimon. Her Digimon Partner is Opossumon.


A Demon Man Digimon. Who is Pyschemon's evolved form.


A Puppet Digimon based off of Cho Hakkai from Jounery to the West. Cho-Hakkaimon is Opossumon's evolved form.


A former member of the Bagura Emprie, who is able to evolve to his next form Tuwarmon. Damemon Yuu's personal bodyguard, starting to care for Yuu's safety to the point of considering to tell him the truth about DarkKnightmon. He dies protecting Yuu but is revived and becomes his partner.


A Vampire rookie level Digimon who is the partner of Ren Tobari.


The Digimon partner of Tagiru Akashi. Gumdramon is able to evolve into Arresterdramon.


A Cyborg version of Tyrannomon.


A Armor Level Digimon and the partner of Airu Suzaki.


A Digimon that resembles Gabumon that is capable of manipulating electricity. It is the partner of Ryoma Mogami.

Ren Tobari

One of the Digimon Hunters who is a cool-headed boy. His Digimon Partner is Dracmon. Ren focuses on hunting rare digimon.

Ryoma Mogami

The leader of the Digimon Hunters who wields a green Xros Loader. His Digimon partner is Psychemon.


A Ultimate (Perfect) Level Demon Man Digimon.


The Digimon partner of Taiki Kudo. He strongly wishes to become the Digimon King to make the Digital world a better place, with the help of Taiki and his friends. He has plenty of Digi Xrosses from X2 to X7.

Tagiru Akashi

A teammate in Taiki and Yuu's Xros Heart basketball team. His Digimon partner is Gumdramon.

Taiki Kudou

Taiki is the protagonist of Digimon Xros Wars. He is the general of Team Xros Heart and his partner is Shoutmon.

Yuu Amano

Nene's little brother who is working with Darkknightmon as his true partner, mostly due to thinking the Digital World is a game. After learning the truth he joins Taiki and his sister in the fight against the Bagra empire and obtains a Xros Loader.

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