Digimon Characters

Digimon is a franchise comprised of 9 movies, 8 anime series, 6 manga series
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PawnChessmon (Black)

The partner of Miki Kurosaki.

PawnChessmon (White)

The Partner of Megumi Shirokawa.


One of the groups of Digimon that accompany Team Xros Heart. They have the ability to merge together to form the Star Saber.


A bat Digimon.


A Mega level Digimon and leader of the Dark Masters.


This is a little pixie Digimon that helped the DigiDestined kids on many occasions in Digimon Digital Monsters.


A Digimon that resembles Gabumon that is capable of manipulating electricity. It is the partner of Ryoma Mogami.


One of the Dark Masters, he controls the forests areas of Spiral mountain.


One of the four Digimon Sovereigns. Qinglongmon rules the eastern part of the Digital World.


One of the 10 Legendary Warriors, who became one of Cherubimon's evil warriors. Ranamon is very vain and has a grudge against Izumi due to her beast spirit looking more beautiful than hers.

Reika Otori

One of the members of Hypnos. Riley is the chief operator and is seen usually tracking Digimon with Megumi Onodera

Ren Tobari

One of the Digimon Hunters who is a cool-headed boy. His Digimon Partner is Dracmon. Ren focuses on hunting rare digimon.


Ruki Makino's Digimon Partner.


A cyborg Cowboy Digimon in the form of a revolver.

Rii Shiuchon

Sister of Henry Wong

Ruki Makino

One of the lead characters from Digimon Tamers. Her Digimon partner is Renamon.

Rumiko Makino

Ruki Makino's mother who is a famous fashion model.

Ryo Akiyama

Ryoma Mogami

The leader of the Digimon Hunters who wields a green Xros Loader. His Digimon partner is Psychemon.


A Ultimate (Perfect) Level Demon Man Digimon.

Sam Ichijouji

Ken Ichijouji's late older brother.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.

Satsuma Rentarou

The leader of DATS.

Sayuri Daimon

The mother of Masaru and Chika Daimon.


Scorpiomon is a Perfect Level (Ultimate Level) Digimon, based off the anomalocrais.


A Perfect (Ultimate) Level Digimon in the form of a scorpion.


A sea serpent Digimon.

Seiko Hata

The Mother of Rumiko Makino and Ruki Makino's Grandmother.


One of the Celestial Being Digimon. Seraphimon is the most powerful of the Celestial Beings.


The combined form of Ankylomon and Angemon.


The Digimon partner of Taiki Kudo. He strongly wishes to become the Digimon King to make the Digital world a better place, with the help of Taiki and his friends. He has plenty of Digi Xrosses from X2 to X7.

Shoutmon DX

The combined form of OmegaShoutmon and ZeekGreymon.

Shoutmon X2

The DigiXros form of Shoutmon and Ballistamon.

Shoutmon X3

The DigiXros form of Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorulumon. It also called Shoutmon X4 when it is using the Star Sword.

Shoutmon X5

The Digixros form of Shoutmon X4 and Sparrowmon.

Shoutmon X7

Read as Shoutmon Cross Seven. A fusion digimon born from the fusion of Sparrowmon, OmegaShoutmon, ZeekGreymon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon,Starmon and Pickmon.


A Dark Version of Shurimon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars.

Shuu Kido

Joe Kido's other older brother. Shuu meets Miyako when she is visiting Kyoto with her class.


The combined form of Gatomon and Aquilamon.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.


A Greymon who was raised incorrectly and became a virus type. It has no feeling, and fights only with its instinct


A member of Team Twilgiht. SkullKnightmon is DarkKnightmons previous form.


A very powerful and fast dark Digimon.


A Ultimate Level (Mega Level) form of Angemon wielding large swords on its arms and wings made of blades.


One of the Royal Knights.


A mantis Digimon.

Sora Takenouchi


A different version of Wizardmon who has powers over light.


A Weapon Digimon and Member of Xros Heart.


A digimon that is part of Nene Amano's army Team Twilight. Sparrowmon cares deeply for Nene and will do anything to protect her.

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