Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Boys that Leap Through Time Concepts

Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Boys that Leap Through Time is an anime series in the Digimon franchise
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A sport where teams of five attempt to sink an orange ball into a hoop. It is a western sport in origin but is popular in Anime as well.


A live performance or show were musicians perform before a live audience.


The ability used in Digimon Xros Wars to fuse two or more Digimon together to make a new form. It is similar to Jogress Evolution but instead has more features such as Digimon becoming weapons.


Digimon are creatures that lives in the Digital World

Digimon Data Collection

A special segment that appeared at the end of all of the episodes in Digimon Xros Wars.


Seen in Digimon series is a ability a Chosen Child or Tamer use to make their Digimon Partner go to the next level.


Fatherhood as a concept. A man who has conceived or raised a child.


Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.


A ghost is a dead persons spirit that roams the earth usually attached to where they died or refusing to go to the after life until there are finished on earth.

Manga Iconography

Common visual conventions seen in manga and anime to convey emotions, often for comical effect.


A group of at least two people who always work together and often make each other stronger by doing so.

Pop Idol

Pop Idols in Japan are classically females in their teens to early twenties. Not only are they singers, but they can also be models and general media personalities.


The act of controling an individual, making him preform actions at your will.


An electro-mechanical machine which is guided by computer or electronic programming, and is thus able to do tasks on its own.

School Clubs

A group gathering or activities that occurs after school is over.


A anonymous follower and tab-keeper of another person or persons.

Time Skip

When a series jumps several months or even several years. Usually used in series staring younger kids and it resumes when they're teenagers or even adults.

Time Travel

The ability to travel from one era to another, forward and/or backward.

Xros Heart

Taiki Kudo's Digimon army comprised of his friends and Shoutmon's.

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