Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Boys that Leap Through Time Characters

Digimon Xros Wars: Hunter Boys that Leap Through Time is an anime series in the Digimon franchise
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A different version of Agumon introduced in Digimon Savers. He is the partner of Masaru Daimon.


A rookie level Digimon in the form of a small dinosaur. He is Tai Yagami's Digimon Partner. Evolves from Koromon and into Greymon.

Airu Suzaki

One of the Digimon Hunters who likes to hunt cute Digimon. Her Digimon Partner is Opossumon.

Akari Hinomoto

A friend of Taiki's who was sucked to the Digital world with him and Zenjirou Tsurugi.


A Demon Man Digimon. Who is Pyschemon's evolved form.


The main antagonist of Digimon Xros Wars, who is the leader of the Bagara Empire and older brother to Darkknightmon.


A Digimon member of Team Xros Heart. Ballistamon has the ability to combine with Shoutmon and Dorulumon.


A amphibian rookie level digimon.


A massive cyborg Dragon Digimon whose body is comprised of various construction equipment.


A synthetic Digimon created by Ken Ichijouji.


A Puppet Digimon based off of Cho Hakkai from Jounery to the West. Cho-Hakkaimon is Opossumon's evolved form.


A young Digimon that travels with Dorulumon.


A former member of the Bagura Emprie, who is able to evolve to his next form Tuwarmon. Damemon Yuu's personal bodyguard, starting to care for Yuu's safety to the point of considering to tell him the truth about DarkKnightmon. He dies protecting Yuu but is revived and becomes his partner.


A former member of the Bagura Army that became a loner. He travels the Digital World with Cutemon helping him find his parents. He later becomes a member of Team Xros Heart.


A Vampire rookie level Digimon who is the partner of Ren Tobari.


One of the members of the Royal Knights and the Ultimate Evolution (Mega Level) form of Guilmon.


A different version of Greymon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars. It is one of the partners of Kiriha Aonuma and can merge with MailBirdramon to form MetalGreymon.


Takato Matsuda's partner that he created when his card scanner turned into a D-Arc.


The Digimon partner of Tagiru Akashi. Gumdramon is able to evolve into Arresterdramon.


The next evolution for Paildramon who is able to change into three different forms. Dragon Mode, Fighter Mode, and Paladin Mode.

Joe Kido

Kiriha Aonuma

The leader of Blue Flare he at first wanted to add Taiki to his army due to his power but turned him down and instead became a rival to Kiriha. His partner is Greymon.

Mami Kisaki

A classmate of Tagiru's and YĆ«'s, who has a habit of hitting and yelling at Taigru.

Masaru Daimon

The main protagonist of Digimon Savers whose partner is Agumon. Masaru is able to physcially punch a Digimon and obtain it's Data to Evolve Agumon to his next level.

Matt Ishida

One of the Original 8 Chosen Children (Digi Destined) and Takeru Takaishi's older brother. His Digimon partner is Gabumon.


A Amazon Digimon from Honey Land who was fighting Zamielmons forces. She becomes a member of Xros Heart after Nene and Taiki help save her brother Ignitemon from Zamielmons control.


A new version of MetalGreymon introduced in Digimon: Xros Wars. This MetalGreymon is created by DigiXros Kiriha's Greymon and Mailbirdramon.


A Cyborg version of Tyrannomon.


An evil Ultimate level Digimon who wants to take over the real and digital worlds.

Nene Amano

A former member of Team Twilight who monitored Taiki and the others when they first arrived in the Digital World. She officially became a member of Xros Heart after Darkknightmon used her to complete the Darkness Loader and refusing to free her little brother.


A member of the Royal Knights who serves as the temporary leader in Alphamons place. Omnimon (Omegamon) is the Combined form of Wargreymon and Metagarurumon.


A Armor Level Digimon and the partner of Airu Suzaki.


A Rookie level Digimon and the partner of Takeru Takaishi. Patamon has Bat-like wings on the top of its head for flight and is able turn into Angemon.


A Digimon that resembles Gabumon that is capable of manipulating electricity. It is the partner of Ryoma Mogami.


One of the Dark Masters, he controls the forests areas of Spiral mountain.

Ren Tobari

One of the Digimon Hunters who is a cool-headed boy. His Digimon Partner is Dracmon. Ren focuses on hunting rare digimon.

Ryoma Mogami

The leader of the Digimon Hunters who wields a green Xros Loader. His Digimon partner is Psychemon.


A Ultimate (Perfect) Level Demon Man Digimon.


The Digimon partner of Taiki Kudo. He strongly wishes to become the Digimon King to make the Digital world a better place, with the help of Taiki and his friends. He has plenty of Digi Xrosses from X2 to X7.


A digimon that is part of Nene Amano's army Team Twilight. Sparrowmon cares deeply for Nene and will do anything to protect her.


A different verison of Starmon introduced in Digimon Xros Wars. He is a member of team Xros Heart and is able to combine with the Pickmon to make the Star Saber.


The combined form of all 20 of the Ancient Warriors Spirits. It is told that when the Network System descends into chaos, it will erase the existing system, and create a new one.

Tagiru Akashi

A teammate in Taiki and Yuu's Xros Heart basketball team. His Digimon partner is Gumdramon.

Tai Yagami

The leader of the first group of DigiDestined.

Taiki Kudou

Taiki is the protagonist of Digimon Xros Wars. He is the general of Team Xros Heart and his partner is Shoutmon.

Takato Matsuda

One of the main character of Digimon Tamers. Takato one day discovered his card scanner turned into a D-Arc. He decided to scan his notepad on the Digimon he created named Guilmon bringing him to life. The next day Guilmon materialized in Shinjuku.

Takuya Kanbara

Main character on the series "Digimon Frontier". A brash and strong headed boy who is the Legendary Warrior of Fire.


A mysterious Digimon that resides in a book and later becomes a member of Team Xros Heart.

Yuu Amano

Nene's little brother who is working with Darkknightmon as his true partner, mostly due to thinking the Digital World is a game. After learning the truth he joins Taiki and his sister in the fight against the Bagra empire and obtains a Xros Loader.

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