Digimon Tamers Characters

Digimon Tamers is an anime series in the Digimon franchise
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Ai and Makoto

Sibling tamers

Alice McCoy

A character from Digimon Tamers. Alice is the granddaughter of Professor Rob McCoy. She was sent to the Tamers by the Digimon Sovereigns to give them the ability to Biomerge in the real world, via the power of her partner, Dobermon.


A ultimate level cyborg Digimon.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.


One of the Four Digimon Sovereings. He rules the western hemisphere of the Digital world.


One of the Seven Great Demon Lords who represents Gluttony. He is Impmon's Mega (Ultimate) form.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.


A mysterious Digimon that can't evolve or be modified, but it is able to grant other Digimon the ability to evolve.


A cyborg dragon Digimon and the partner of Ryo Akiyama.


A program that was created to destroy Digimon but became sentinet and decided to destroy the real world as well.

D-Reaper ADR-01: Juri Type

A clone of Juri Katou created by the D-Reaper. She was sent to the real world disguised a Juri to spy and examine humans.


A messenger of the Digimon Sovereigns sent to Shinjuku to give the Tamers the ability to merge with their Digimon in the real world. He became good friends with the girl named Alice McCoy.


A virus insectoid Digimon.


One of the members of the Royal Knights and the Ultimate Evolution (Mega Level) form of Guilmon.


A machine Digimon and the Partner of Hirokazu Shiota.


Takato Matsuda's partner that he created when his card scanner turned into a D-Arc.

Hirokazu Shiota

A Digimon Tamer and one of Takato's friends.


A version of Devimon able to use Ice.


A mischievous Digimon that runs around Shinjuku causing havoc against humans.


One of the Twelve Heavenly Generals that serves the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon. Indaramon represents the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.

Jenrya Lee


A wise and intelligent Ultimate Level (Mega Level) Digimon.

Juri Kato

Takato' s friend

Kenta Kitagawa

Friends with Kazu and Takato.


A Champion level Digimon.

Li Jiangyu

The father of Li Jenrya. He was a member of the Monster Makers a group that created the Digimon.


A bunny/dog Digimon. Lopmon was once a Deva until he was reverted to a rookie level digimon as punishment for betraying Zhuqiaomon. Now he is Lee Shiuchon partner.

Megumi Onodera

A member of Hypnos partnered with Reika Otori.


A Cyborg version of Tyrannomon.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals. He was the first to fight the tamers in Shinjuku.

Mitsuo Yamaki

He works for Hypnos in tracking Digimon that come into the world and destroys them. At first was a villain to the Tamers but became an ally.


A Samurai Digimon.


One of the four Digimon Sovereigns. Qinglongmon rules the eastern part of the Digital World.

Reika Otori

One of the members of Hypnos. Riley is the chief operator and is seen usually tracking Digimon with Megumi Onodera


Ruki Makino's Digimon Partner.

Rii Shiuchon

Sister of Henry Wong

Ruki Makino

One of the lead characters from Digimon Tamers. Her Digimon partner is Renamon.

Rumiko Makino

Ruki Makino's mother who is a famous fashion model.

Ryo Akiyama


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.

Seiko Hata

The Mother of Rumiko Makino and Ruki Makino's Grandmother.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.

Takato Matsuda

One of the main character of Digimon Tamers. Takato one day discovered his card scanner turned into a D-Arc. He decided to scan his notepad on the Digimon he created named Guilmon bringing him to life. The next day Guilmon materialized in Shinjuku.


A Bunny/Dog digimon that is the partner of Li Jianliang.


One of the four Digimon Sovereigns, who rules the Northern Hemisphere of the Digital world.


One of the four Digimon Sovereigns. He rules the Southern hemisphere of the Digital World.

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