Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers is an anime series in the Digimon franchise
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The third Digimon series. This series is known for it's unique and dark script, which is created by Serial Experiment Lain writer Chiaki J. Konaka.


Digimon Tamers is the third animated series based on the popular Digimon multimedia franchise. Digimon Tamers is known for dealing with more mature themes than previous Digimon series, and its unique script created by Serial Experiments Lain writer, Chiaki J. Konaka. The series was produced by the studio Toei Animation, and first aired on Fuji TV on April 1, 2001, until ending its 51 episode run on March 31, 2002. The series was licensed in the US by Saban Entertainment, and aired on the Fox Kids programming block on September 1, 2001, and conluded the series on June 8. 2002. The series was the least edited series of Digimon in the US.


A 12 year old boy named Takato, who is a fan of the Digimon franchise, one day finds that his card-reader has transformed into his own digivice. He decides to scan one of his original Digimon, and ends up creating a version of his own Digimon, Guilmon. Takato is not alone and quickly finds that there are other Tamers, whom have also obtained a real Digimon through different ways. Other Digimon start to appear around Japan and wreak havoc, which causes Takato, Ruki, and Jenrya, to put aside their differences, and fight off the Twelve Divine Generals. Yamaki, a government agent, would much rather have the Digimon deleted, and sets out to delete all of the Digimon leaking into the real world.


Main Tamers

Takato Matsuki

Takato Matsuki
Takato Matsuki

Takato is a twelve year old fan of the Digimon card game. Takato is shown to be very sensitive, and caring. Takato also has a "boy and his dog" like relationship with Guilmon, which the other Tamers do not. Takato is also the leader of the group, and tries to do what's right, even is it means harming himself. Takato also does not enjoy fighting, but will fight to protect those around him. Takato is honest and sees Digimon as living creatures, not data to delete. Takato is only character in the series that creates his Digimon through his imagination.

Lee Jenrya/Henry Wong

Lee Jenrya
Lee Jenrya

Lee Jenrya, is of a half-Chinese, and half-Japanese heritage. Jenrya is trained in Tai-chi, and is a very skilled fighter, but leads a life of pacifism. It is implied Jenrya was once a bully, and seriously injured a classmate many years ago, and has vowed to never use violence again. Jenrya is a fan of the Digimon computer game, and uses a Terriermon in the game. One day Terriermon comes out of the game after Jenrya pushes him too, and Jenrya vows to protect Terriermon, and never let him fight. Unlike Takato, who will fight to protect Japan, Jenrya refuses to use physical violence. Jenrya acts as a protective older brother to Terriermon. Later in the series Jenrya comes to the realization that it is necessary to fight for Terriermon to Digivolve. Jenrya's father Jiangyu, was one of the scientist that worked on the Digimon Project.

Ruki Makino

Ruki Makino
Ruki Makino

Ruki Makino is a cold twelve year old girl. Ruki is a master at the Digimon card game and is the top ranking female player of the card game. Ruki treats the Digimon like a game and sends Renamon into combat to raise her power level. Ruki does not care about the well being of Renamon until much later in the series. Ruki also lives alone with her mother, and is the opposite of her personality wise. Ruki is also the most skilled comabtant on the team, and is quickly involved with the battles. Ruki has a more aggressive approach to problems, unlike the rest of the Tamers.

Secondary Tamers

Jeri Katou

Jeri Katou
Jeri Katou

Jeri is a classmate of Takato, whom has a crush on her. Jeri is portrayed as a kind and innocent girl. Jeri always supports and encourages the other members of the group. Jeri is often seen with a a sock puppet on her hand, and uses it to communicate with the other students at her school. Jeri's mother also died when Jeri was very young. Jeri was told her death was destiny. When Jeri's partner Leomon dies, he tells her that his death was destiny, which creates Jeri's animosity towards the concept of fate and destiny.

Kazu Shioda & Kenta Kitagawa

Kazu Shioda (Left) & Kenta Kitagawa (Right)
Kazu Shioda (Left) & Kenta Kitagawa (Right)

Kazu and Kenta are the comic relief characters of Digimon Tamers. They often tell jokes and keep the adventure amusing with their wiscracks and antics. They are two of Takato's best friends, and are also fans of the Digimon card game. Later in the series Kazu becomes partners with Guardromon, and Kenta becomes partners with MarineAngemon.

Lee Xaochung/Rii Schiuchon/Suzie Wong

Lee Xaochung
Lee Xaochung

Xaochung is Jenrya's younger sister. Xaochung is portrayed as a carefree little girl. Xaochung is lead to believe that Terriermon is a doll, and treats him as such early in the series. Xaochung is one of the last Tamers to join the group. Xaochung's partner is the Lopmon, whom was one of the Divine Generals, but was demoted after growing a bond with Xaochung. Xoachung's involvement with the Tamers is not to the liking of the protective Jenrya.

Other Characters

Mitsuo Yamaki

Mitsuo Yamaki
Mitsuo Yamaki

Mitsuo Yamaki is the agent that created Hypnos system. The Hypnos system was created to monitor the world digital communication. Mitsuo is one of the initial villians of the series, trying to eradicate the Digimon from Japan, but later has a change of heart and helps the Tamers save both the physical world, and the Digital World. Mitsuo has a habit of smoking, and has the appearance of a generic government agent. Mitsuo is in charge of settling the leaks from the Digital World into our world.

Story Arcs

Japan Arc (1-24)

The Japan arc, commonly referred to as the first half of Digimon Tamers, tells of the story of each character meeting their Digimon and protecting Japan from the Deva Digimon sent to destroy Japan. The Tamers must Learn of the responsabilities that having Digimon imposes on them, and must protect Japan from the Digimon invaders.

Digital World Arc (25-41)

The Tamers are sent to the Digital World to save Calumon, and find leader behind the Twelve Divine Generals. During their time in the Digital World they encounter Goruo, and he tells them the truth behind the Digimon project from the eighties. during this time the children learn of the D-Reaper, the true threat to not only the Digital World, but the real world as well.

D-Reaper Arc (42-51)

After the children return to the real world, they realize that the D-Reaper has followed them, and is using Jerri as a surrogate. The D-Reaper starts to wreak havoc in Japan, and with time will destroy the whole world. With the help of the team that created Digimon, the Tamers get ready to end the battle once and for all.


Theme Music

OP01"The Biggest Dreamer"Kouji Wada01-51
ED01"My Tomorrow"AiM01-23

Insert Music

01"SLASH!!" (Card Slash Theme)Michiko Ohta02-06,10,15,29,31,50
02"EVO" (Evolution Theme)Wild Child Bound06,08,10-22,27-32,34,37,43-44,51
03"One Vision" (Matrix Evolution Theme)Taniyoshi Takimoto35-39,43,45,47-48,50-51
04"3 Primary Colors"Makoto Tsumura, Mayumi Yamaguchi and Fumiko Orikasa09,51
05"The Biggest Dreamer"Kouji Wada50
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 31
Friendship with Guardromon! "I'll fight too!", Tamer Hirokazu
1 - 30
Urgent Message from the Digital World! Culumon is…
1 - 29
Here is the Ghost Castle! The Great Escape of Stray Culumon
1 - 28
Friend or Foe? Ryo Akima the Legendary Tamer
1 - 27
Impmon Evolves! The Shudder of Beezlebumon the Dark Lord
1 - 26
Little World! Jijimon and Babamon in the Strong Wind Valley
1 - 25
Enter the Digital World! Goodbye to Our City
1 - 24
To the Digital World…The Day of Departure
1 - 23
Digimon Combat Mission! Advancing while Facing the Wind
1 - 22
Vikaramon Appears! Protect my Town!
1 - 21
Juri's Partner!? The Leomon Way
1 - 20
What is the Trump Card? Blue Card of Friendship
1 - 19
We Would Like to Become Strong! Rise, Impmon!
1 - 18
Beautiful Evolution! Taomon Dances in the Moonlight
1 - 17
Chase the Blue Card! The Rapidmon Moment
1 - 16
Protect the Light of the Town! Dangerous Camp of the Digimon
1 - 15
Giant Heavy Appearance, Great Edo Line, Great Panic
1 - 14
Tamers Stand! MegaloGrowmon...Super Evolution!
1 - 13
The Order to Capture the Digimon! The Sinister Foreboding
1 - 12
Ruki and Renamon, The Crisis of the Bond!

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Chiaki J. Konaka
Noriyo Sasaki
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

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Name Digimon Tamers
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