Digimon: Data Squad Characters

Digimon: Data Squad is an anime series in the Digimon franchise
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A different version of Agumon introduced in Digimon Savers. He is the partner of Masaru Daimon.

Akihiro Kurata

A scientist who wishes to destroy the Digital World. He has created his own army of man made Digimon and a group of humans that are able to turn into Digimon.


A different version of Biyomon seen in Digimon Savers. He is the partner of Chika Daimon.

Chika Daimon

The little sister of Masaru Daimon.


A member of the Royal Knights. Craniummon is a Skull Knight Digimon whose armor is made of Black Digizoid. He wields a double bladed sword called "Claíomh Solais" and the shield "Avalon" as his weapons.


A virus insectoid Digimon.


One of the Royal Knights. Duftmon is able to switch to an animal form and his human form at will.


One of the members of the Royal Knights and the Ultimate Evolution (Mega Level) form of Guilmon.


A member of the Royal Knights who is a very strong warrior due to his immense strength giving him the title of a Juggernaut.


The Digimon partner of Ikuto Noguchi.


The Digimon partner of Touma H. Norstein.

Hiroshi Yushima

A mysterious old man that Gave Masaru his digivice.

Ikuto Noguchi



A cyborg turtle digimon that is the partner of Hiroshi Yushima


A Perfect (Ultimate) level Digimon clad in silver armor.


One of the Humans that was turned into a Bio-Hybrid by Kurata. He was able to turn into BioThunderbirdmon and BioDrakdramon


A holy beast digimon. He is the partner of Satsuma Rentarou.


The Digimon partner of Yoshino Fujieda.


A Ultimate (Perfect) Level fairy Digimon.


One of the Royal Knights. LordKnightmon is a cruel and heartless member of the Knights.


One of the Royal Knights and the Golder Armor form of V-Mon.

Masaru Daimon

The main protagonist of Digimon Savers whose partner is Agumon. Masaru is able to physcially punch a Digimon and obtain it's Data to Evolve Agumon to his next level.

Megumi Shirakawa

One of the computer operators from DATS. Her partner is PawnChessmon (White).


One of the Olympus Twelve. Mercurymon is the fastest member of the Olympus Twelve.


A version of Fantomon after obtaining the X Antibody.

Miki Kurosaki

One of the computer operators that works for DATS. Her Partner is PawnChessmon (Black).


One of the Bio-Hybrids working for Kurata. She is able to turn into BioCoatlmon and BioLotusmon.


A member of the Royal Knights who serves as the temporary leader in Alphamons place. Omnimon (Omegamon) is the Combined form of Wargreymon and Metagarurumon.

PawnChessmon (Black)

The partner of Miki Kurosaki.

PawnChessmon (White)

The Partner of Megumi Shirokawa.

Satsuma Rentarou

The leader of DATS.

Sayuri Daimon

The mother of Masaru and Chika Daimon.


One of the Royal Knights.

Touma H. Norstein

One of the Main characters from Digimon Savers.


One of the Royal Knights. He is the fastest member of group and is equipped with a impenetrable armor.


The God of the Digital World and leader of the Royal Knights.

Yoshino Fujieda

A member of DATS her digimon partner is Lalamon.

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