Digimon Data Collection Characters

Digimon Data Collection is a anime/manga concept
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Akari Hinomoto

A friend of Taiki's who was sucked to the Digital world with him and Zenjirou Tsurugi.


One of the members of Team Twilight. The Monitamon server as Nene Amanos spies.

Nene Amano

A former member of Team Twilight who monitored Taiki and the others when they first arrived in the Digital World. She officially became a member of Xros Heart after Darkknightmon used her to complete the Darkness Loader and refusing to free her little brother.


The Digimon partner of Taiki Kudo. He strongly wishes to become the Digimon King to make the Digital world a better place, with the help of Taiki and his friends. He has plenty of Digi Xrosses from X2 to X7.

Taiki Kudou

Taiki is the protagonist of Digimon Xros Wars. He is the general of Team Xros Heart and his partner is Shoutmon.

Zenjirou Tsurugi

Taiki's fellow classmate and self-proclaimed eternal rival, who gets sucked into the Digital World with him and Akari.

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