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Digimon Adventure 02 is an anime series in the Digimon franchise
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Curry Rice

Curry Rice is quite possibly one of the most popular dishes in Japan. The curry is created using meat, vegetables, a sauce, and spices. Introduced to Japan around the late 1800's to early 1900's


A new version of the Digivice introduced in Digimon Adventure 02.


Palmtops used by the Digidestined in Digimon Adventure 02. They are primarily used for communication between team members, and allows those capable of Armor Evolution to store multiple Digimentals when used in conjunction with a D-3.

Dark Towers

Dark obelisk towers created by Ken Ichijouji, under the influence of the Dark Spore. The Dark Towers prevent natural evolution, rendering Digimon unable to evolve normally. They also work in conjunction with the Dark Rings to control Digimon.

Destiny Stone

A mystical object from the Digital World. Which are the seven stones containing cores of the Digital World. BlackWarGreymon went on a rampage to destroy them so that he could fight the Digimon he saw writhing in pain, without realizing he was destroying the world.

Digimental of Courage

A Digi Egg with the crest of courage on it. It enables a digimon to armor evolution into a powerful Armor Level Digimon.

Digimental of Friendship

A Digimental with the Crest of Friendship engraved on it. It gave the Daisuke the ability to evolve Veemon into Lighdramon.

Digimental of Honesty

A Digimental with the Crest of Honesty (Reliability) on it. It granted Iori the ability to turn Armadimon into Submarimon.

Digimental of Hope

A Digimental with the Crest of Hope engraved on it. It granted Takeru the power to turn Patamon into Pegasusmon.

Digimental of Knowledge

A Digimental with the Crest of Knowledge on it. It granted Iori the power to turn Armadimon into Digmon.

Digimental of Light

A Digimental with the Crest of Light engraved on it. It granted Hikari the power to turn Gatomon into Nefertimon.

Digimental of Love

A Digimental with the Crest of Love engraved on it. It granted Miyako the power to turn Hawkmon into Halsemon.

Digimental of Miracles

A Golden Digimental that Granted Daisuke the power to turn Veemon into Magnamon.

Digimental of Purity

A digimental with the Crest of Purity (Sincerity) on it. It granted Miyako the power to turn Hawkmon into Shurimon.


Digivices are small objects that allow the Chosen Children to help their Digimon partners evolve. Also, It allows travel to and from the Digital World via Digi Port.

Evil Ring

A collar made by the Digimon Kaiser to control digimon and make them do his bidding.

Evil Spiral

A more powerful version of the Evil Ring (Dark Ring) which is able to control Perfect Level (Ultimate Level) Digimon and work while out of the range of Dark Towers.


A musical instrument of the woodwind family that is made of wood or metal.

Lunch Box

Lunch boxes are traditional in Japan for taking to school and work, sometimes they are given as a sign of admiration for someone.

Playing Cards

A set of 52 Cards used to gamble or play poker.


Ramen is a popular noodle dish throughout Asia. It originated in China, but introduced into Japan. Served in a broth made from fish or meat.


A six barrel repeating firearm used during the cowboy and Edo Japan age. But some people still use these classic weapons.

Rice Balls

Rice Balls (onigiri) are a popular Japanese food that is made by packing white rice into a triangle or oval shape. More often these have some form of filling in the middle.


The Throwing Star (shuriken) is a type of concealed weapon that is thrown at a target. A popular known weapon of the ninja.


A Japanese delicacy consisting of cooked vinegared rice which is commonly topped with other ingredients, such as fish or other seafood. It is sometimes rolled in to a roll or open. Sushi is one of the most common foods in the world.

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