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Adorning merchandise and commercials as the mascot character for the Gamers chain of stores in Japan, the cartoon ten-year-old Digiko is reputedly from the planet Digicarrot, from whence she was enticed to Earth by her love of broccoli. Landing with her friends in Tokyo's Akihabara district, she takes a job at a Gamers store with her friend Puchi Charat and leporine rival Rabi En-rose. Difficult customers and occasional adventures follow. Shown as part of the Wonderful anthology television show.

A four-part DC: Summer Special (2000) pits Digiko against new nemeses from the Black Gamer Gang, whose poverty-stricken leader Piyoko intends to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. The Black Gamers open their own shop in competition with Digiko's own, though they use sinister means to keep their customers. Digiko also appeared in cameos in Pia Carrot, Excel Saga, and First Kiss Story.

A terminally cute eight-part video sequel, Leave it to Piyoko (Piyoko ni Omakase Piyo, 2003) offered little plotting or intelligent scripting, just childlike candyfloss characters looking perky and sweet and doing their best to sell more merchandise. Similar antics awaited in the DC Christmas Special (2000), in which the cast relocates to a cruise liner. The cast later appeared in several seasonal cash-ins including the springtime DC: O-hanami Special (2001), a four-parter in which they partied beneath cherry blossoms, the four-part DC Summer Holiday Special (2001), in which Digiko visits America, competes in a band competition and goes hiking in the mountains. Digi Charat appeared in her own 25-minute "movie," DC: A Trip to the Planet (2001), in which she made a return visit to her homeworld, before returning to TV screens in the prequel Panyo Panyo DC (2002) and the 104-episode remake DC: Nyo (2003). Note that although each episode had only one opening and closing credit sequence, it was often split into two distinct stories, leading some sources to list it as 104 episodes.

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