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In the distant future, a young girl named Nono sets off to become a space pilot so that one day she can meet the legendary "Nonoriri."


Taking place several years after the original "Aim for the Top!", Aim for the Top 2 follows the story of a young girl named Nono as she leaves home to become a space pilot.  Before she can even reach space, Nono ends up working at a small, rural cafe as a (very clumsy) maid.  There she encounters Lark Melk Marre, a member of the organization known as "the Fraternity" and a Buster Machine pilot, also known as a "Topless." Nono instantly becomes infatuated towards Lark and follows her down the road, begging to become a Topless.  Lark slaps a small device onto Nono's forehead which instantly snaps, showing that Nono isn't cut out to be a Topless.  Crushed, Nono sits near the shore where a space monster attacks her.  Lark comes to her rescue and ends up fighting the monster.  The monster tries to retreat back into space, taking Nono with it.  Lark goes after it and manages to destroy it, saving Nono, whom she brings along to the Fraternity.  It's there where Nono's adventure truly begins.
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 6
The Story of Your Life
1 - 5
They Who Move The Stars
1 - 4
Resurrection!! The Legendary Buster Machine!
1 - 3
I Hate Topless!
1 - 2
I Don't Want to be Your "Big Sister!"
1 - 1
Please Let Me Call You "Big Sister!"

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Name Diebuster
Name: トップをねらえ2!
Romaji: Top o Nerae! 2
Publisher Gainax
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Gunbuster 2
Top wo Nerae! 2
Aim for the Top 2!
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