Diclonius is a anime/manga concept
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A genetic alteration of humans.


Their powers include vectors invisible arms that can have varying destructive abilities and can spread virus. Diclonius can also all sense their own. They all heal very quickly and do not scar easily. Diclonius are also extremely intelligent however they are just as emotional as humans often more and once push to the brink hear a being known as the voice in their heads.


Siplets always have random vector lengths, strength and number given to them at birth. Some never develop Vectors. They all

Siplet Nana
Siplet Nana
can sense their own kind and age faster than normal humans and Queen/King Diclonius. They are all infertile and girls. Siplets are born from humans that have been infected by the Diclonius virus. (only men can be infected)  


The queen/king Diclonius will always take on one of said forms as his/her life progresses.     

normal form
normal form
Normal form

The main form in both anime and Manga differs in abilities depending on media. The anime she has only four vectors and 2 meters of length however in the manga they have  unlimited vectors and a 4 meter length. This form is the most common. 


Long-horned form
Long-horned form

Long-horned form

Only achieved after a greatly stressful event Long-horned form gives them extremely long sharp horns as well as vector length and strength approximately three times that of regular form. This is exhibited by one bringing down a helicopter mid flight and destroying most of SAT forces as well as Mariko clones in one sweep.


Ultimate form has no visual diffrence then normal
Ultimate form has no visual diffrence then normal

Ultimate form

The Ultimate form only achievable after great emotion stress meeting a surge of willpower. This form is only achieved twice. Once when Aiko died and for the last volume when Kaede decides to fix everything she or her kind caused and to apologize to Kouta. This form has vector strength to destroy the world length to reach across the world and accuracy to move individual cells without killing them and the added bonus of controlled explosive burst. However taking this form has a consequence continues use of such advance powers causes the body to overheat and burn away killing the user.    

General Information Edit
Concept Name Diclonius
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
1st manga book: Elfen Lied #1
1st anime episode: Elfen Lied #1
1st anime movie:
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