Dice Killing Chapter One

Dice Killing Chapter One is an anime episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei that was released on 03/25/2009

It's a nice day in Hinamizawa and all seems well. Keiichi, Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika are all enjoying themselves. They all are smiling and joking while on a friendly bike ride which Rika decides to turn into a race. With Rika in the lead, she's happy and smiling. Suddenly, Satoko warns her about an incoming truck but Rika disregards this because she thinks that Satoko is just trying to play with her head so that she can get in the lead in the race. But no, Satoko jokes Rika not because there actually WAS a truck and of course Rika was hit. We see Rika lying in a bed of the school nurse's office surrounded by her teacher, Satoko and Satoshi. When she comes to, she sees the company around her and widens her eyes in surprise when she sees Satoshi, but her astonishment doesn't end there. When the doctor is called in, she has a faint mirage of the doctor being Irie; however, he turns out to be a complete stranger that Rika has never even seen before so the doctor tells Rika that she was hit in the back of the head with a baseball when she was playing with Satoko and Satoshi, but Rika swears that she was hit by an oncoming truck when she was riding her bicycle with Keiichi and the gang. The doctor then tells Rika that she needs to come with him for a brain scan just to make sure she hasn't suffered too much damage, so Rika goes with the doctor to the clinic called "Takano Clinic." Upon learning this name, Rika decides to ask doctor Yamamoto (the man that she thought was at first, Irie) where Irie was. Yamamoto replies by saying that he has not heard of any doctor by that name. Things start to get even weirder to Rika when she finds out that Doctor Takano was an old doctor who founded the Takano clinic and has lived to be one of the greatest doctors of all time. Rika then wonders if Miyo Takano, the woman from her memories, may be the daughter of this doctor. So when all is said and done and Rika is released from the clinic to go back to school, she realizes by now that this world is not the same one in which she used to be in but instead she has traveled to the past. This is revealed when she returns back to school and finds that Satoshi has replaced Keiichi, the Hinamizawa Dam Project has started, Rena is using her original name (Reina), and Satoko isn't very friendly with her because she still has her brother around to protect her. Near the end of the episode, Rika even questions Rena about her family, Satoko's family, and the Dam Project which is causing everyone, or mostly everyone in Hinamizawa to evacuate. However, one thing that happened in the past seems to effect Rena and that is the murders that revolved around the Hinamizawa Dam Project, but Rena quickly disregards it and walks off leaving a very confused Rika. In the end of the episode, Rika concludes that she has indeed been brought back to the present, but does not know what she is supposed to do in that specific time frame.

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