Diamond Daydreams

Diamond Daydreams is an anime series
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Six separate stories of women from teens to twentysomethings, whose lives converge as a result of strange events on the northern island of Hokkaido. Most are looking for love, like Atsuko the Hakodate fishmonger betrothed to a local hotelier's heir but struggling with her feelings for a record-collecting slacker, or Karin, a Tokyo girl hospitalized in Kitami for the last two years, but refusing life-saving surgery because she hasn't trusted doctors since her father's death. It's also a travelogue of the region and features many well known tourist sights and local brands, with the separate strands coming together in the final episode for a magical denouement in Hokkaido's capital city of Sapporo. The titular "diamond dust" is a rare arctic weather phenomenon describable in strict meteorological terms as a fog or low-lying cloud of ice crystals. It can occur anywhere with prolonged subzero temperatures, but has entered Hokkaido folklore as a form of lucky charm, said to grant lifelong happiness to anyone who sees it-or perhaps a lump of tourist-colonial hokum designed to keep people coming to the northern island even when it's bitterly cold. This dating sim-based anime concentrates less on the dating angle than on the individual stories of the girls themselves; compare to Kanon. Although based on a PS2 game by Oji Hiroi, the inspirations for this franchise lie further back in the long-running live-action TV series From the North (*DE), which came to a highly publicized end in 2002 after over twenty years as a mainstay of Japanese TV drama. Similar scenic inspirations informed Saikano.

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Name Diamond Daydreams
Romaji: Kita e Diamond Dust Drops
Publisher ADV
Start Year 2004
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Aliases To The North
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