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It looks like a second Noah's flood is coming our way, but not if the exorcist Allen Walker has anything to say about it. Using the power of Innocence, Allen along with the Black Order plan to stop Noah's family for good.


D. Gray Man focuses on the young exorcist Allen Walker and his interactions with the Black Order and the Millennium Earl, Noahs, and the Akumas. The Black Order is an organization of exorcists that uses innocence to combat against Akumas (English: Demon) of the Millennium Earl's army. The Millennium Earl creates Akumas from using artificial skeletons and people's regret for the dead. Specifically, the Millennium Earl takes advantage of humans who lost their loved ones and promise them that he bring them back. He has linked the soul to an artificial skeleton, but the skeleton always kills the loved one and goes inside the corpse. The purpose of the Millennium Earl is unknown at the time but the Black Order's purpose to eradicate the Millennium Earl, Akuma, and the Noahs.

Evolution of Exorcists and Akumas Throughout the Series is an Arms Race

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Both the good and the evil sides can evolve in a arms race. In the series, Akumas level up and evolve when they kill more humans or eat their own kind. For exorcists, the evolution of Exorcists and their innocence is tricky. The only examples of evolution is the newer versions of innocence such as parasitic and the changes in innocence. Akumas are deadly enemies whose virus is incurable and spreads quickly until exorcists with parasitic innocence such as Allen Walker, Crowley, and others appear. For the changes in innocence, Lenalee's innocence is the only example when her equipment type becomes crystal and merges with her blood.

Plot Summary

The main arcs of D. Gray-Man are the missions to recover innocence and combat Akumas (half of the series), mission to find the generals and to protect them from the Noah, Allen's struggle to save a fallen exorcist in China, trip to Japan to find the general Cross and the hidden Akuma factory plus Noah, Allen's struggle to heal and materialize his strange innocence in China (occurs at the same time with the trip to Japan), reunion of Allen Walker with his teammates in Japan, battles in Noah Ark, and finally the Black Order massacre.

The first half of the series is a heavy does of filler episodes with strong themes while the second half focuses on the arcs which is finding the generals of the Black Order and from that point on.

Mission to Find the 5 Generals

After the Millennium Earl has send his message that he will seek the "heart of the innocence" which is the keystone of the Exorcist's innocence powers. If the the heart is destroyed, all of the innocence will cease to exist. The Black Order has made teams to find the five generals: Kevin Yeegar (Killed), Froi Tiedoll (The Artist), Klaud Nine (The Only Female), Cross (The Womanizer), and Winter Socalo (The Sadist).

Allen's Struggle to Save Suman in China

Allen Walker encounters Suman whose innocence rejects him and becomes a fallen exorcist. Even though the Akuma who are surrounding the fallen exorcist to collect its innocence, Suman's innocence goes berserk and destroys Akuma and the innocent. After a brutal struggle to save Suman despite Lenalee's warnings, Allen has manage to calm down Suman and his innocent. However, Suman appears as a comatose body when he lies lifeless when Allen crawls towards him. Suddenly, Teases bursts out of Suman's body leaving the shattered remains of Suman. Tyki Mikk appears and tries destroys Suman's innocence, but Allen's Timcanpy takes Suman's innocence. He asks Allen if he is one on the list of exorcists that he should kill. When Tyki realizes that he is the same cheating bastard who con him in a card game and is on the list, Tyki crushes Allen's heart and innocence.

Trip to Japan

Lenalee, Lavi, Crowley, Miranda, and Bookman are taking a trip to Japan with a crew, and they fight a level three Akuma and a horde of Akumas for the first time. This is Lenalee's major battle as she taps in 100 percent synchronization of her innocence to destroy the Akuma. When the ship reaches Japan, Lenalee, Chomesuke (a newcomer), and the rest bid farewell to the crew who disintegrate with the ship due to the viral infection of the Akumas.

Allen's struggle to Recover (Occurs at the same time with Trip to Japan)

Allen, who is with the Chinese branch, struggles to synchronizes with his innocence, but the innocence will not maintains its form. When the level three Akuma invade the organization, Fou (guardian of the gate) is the first one to attack it. Allen has finally synchronizes with innocence in the presence of an Akuma, and he becomes the "Crown Clown." He easily purifies the Akuma and uses the ark to transport himself to Japan.

Reunion in Japan

After Lavi, Lenalee, Bookman, Crowley, and Chomesuke meet up with Kanda and his team. The exorcists fight giant Akumas that are made from level three Akumas. In the battle, the Millennium Earl attacks Lenalee because he thinks the heart of innocence is her innocence. Allen Walker comes in and rescues Lenalee.

Battles in the Noah Ark

The exorcists invade the ark. Kanda fights Boric and kills him. Crowley, who lets the others go, fights Jasdero and Devitt. When Jasdero and Devitt becomes Jasdebi, the battle heightens with Crowley awakening his bloody innocence form which he uses to defeat Jasdebi. Road fights Lavi while Allen Walker fights Tyki Mikk and in the battle. Allen reaches the critical point which he pulls out a sword and defeats Tyki Mikk. Although Tyki Mikk is defeated, he awakens his latent Noah power and goes on a rampage. Cross appears and defeat Tyki Mikk with ease. Allen Walker gets drag by Cross to play the piano to warp the Noah to the Black Order headquarters.

Black Order Massacre

After the exorcists get home, Lulubell and the level three Akumas invade the Black Order to claim back the ark. During the battle, an Akuma evolves into a Level four when it comes out of a giant Akuma. Its white, childish, and pregnant like form wreak havoc throughout the Black Order. "It" kills many finders, exorcists, and scientists until Allen and Lenalee lure it into Hevalaska's lair. A combination of Cross, Lenalee, and Allen defeat the Level Four.

How the Anime ends and its Ambiguities

Unlike the manga, the anime ends earlier after the massacre of the Black Order. When an anime ends early than its manga counterpart, it will have ambiguous endings. The D. Gray-Man anime has never reveal in great detail about Kanda's lotus, Lavi's right eye, Lenalee's new innocence, and the status of the war between the Millennium Earl with the Noahs and the Black Order.



Exorcists (Mostly the main ones)

CharactersDescription and Innocence w/ Weapon
Allen WalkerAllen Walker is from England and he is orphan whose adopted father, Mana, has died. He meets the Millennium Earl when he wanted to revive his adopted father. However, his father whose soul has linked to the artificial skeleton attacks Allen by scratching his left eye which gives Allen the curse. Allen's innocence awakens and destroys Mana by instinct. After that incident, Allen who was taught by Cross becomes an exorcist.

Innocence: Allen has a parasitic innocence and his left arm is his weapon. Also, his cursed left eye is a valuable asset to the Black Order because he can detect Akuma who are hiding in human flesh.

Abilities: Allen's left eye is an evolving ability which has two stages in the anime. His second stage eye is a radar that allows his fellow exorcists to see the souls of Akumas and to differentiate between humans and Akumas hiding in human flesh.

Second Ability: is his immunity to Akuma level one and up's viruses because of his parasitic innocence that cures him.
Lenalee LeeLenalee is a Chinese exorcist, and she is the younger sister of Komui Lee who is the supervisor of the science department of the Black Order. Lenalee is a cheerful person with a dark origin story of how she has become a exorcist through the Black Order's torture.

Innocence: Lenalee Lee has an equipment-type innocence and her weapons are her boots. She can go at high speed and deliver strong, devastating blows by increasing the weight of her boots.
New and Evolved Innocence: Her innocence becomes merged with her blood and kept the same abilities but at a higher tier.
Yuu KandaYuu Kanda is a Japanese Exorcist who is very serious, competitive, and icy. Like Lavi's eye patch, Kanda's lotus is a symbol to him that represents his life bar which in the anime does not explain in detail.

Innocence: Kanda's innocence is an equipment type and he uses the sword called Mugen.

Abilities: Kanda also possesses another ability called "Shouka" which uses his some of his life to increase his strength and speed.
LaviLavi is a bookman first then an exorcist. He is an intelligent and playful person who gives people nicknames such as Krory to Aleister. Lavi's nationality is unknown, and he is has a fetish for older women age 18-40.

Abilities: Lavi's bookman skills allows him to read things fast and memorize things like photographic memory. This ability is seen when he is searching for the right key in the piles of a million look alike keys.

Innocence: Lavi has an equipment-type innocence and his weapon is a hammer that can change size and weight. Also, Lavi's hammer is a mode of transportation, and has elemental attributes when he uses seals.
Aleister Crowley
(AKA Arystar Krory)
Crowley is a Romanian exorcist whose beloved is an Akuma. He later finds out that his hunger for humans is actually a hunger for Akuma when he discovers that his parasitic innocence makes him crave for Akuma blood by instinct.

Innocence: Crowley's innocence is parasitic type and his weapons are his fangs and blood.
Abilities: Like Allen, he is immune to Akuma's virus due to his parasitic innocence.


Millennium Earl and Noah

Most Noahs and the Millennium Earl destroy innocence, but at the same time, innocence can hurt them as well. In the anime, Tyki Mikk, Millennium Earl, and Road are seen destroying innocence.

CharactersDescription and Abilities
Millennium EarlThe mastermind of the Akumas and the Noahs. He originally want to destroy the heart of innocence and revive the Ark.

Abilities: Besides his sword and creating Akuma, he can use dark matter and manipulate to create energy blasts or distort space.
Road KamelotRoad Kamelot is a Noah who represents "Dreams." She is a sadistic and psychopathic little girl who enjoys tormenting Allen Walker. She has a love interest in Allen until Allen almost kills Tyki who is almost her brother (Noah Family).

Abilities: Road can warp dimensions and create a doorway for others. She is the only Noah who can pass through dimensions without the ark, which even the Earl cannot do.
Road can trap people in a dream world that she manipulates to drive the person to their breaking point.
Tyki MikkTyki Mikk is a Noah who represents "Pleasure." He is a person who lives life to the fullest when he explores being an innocent card shark guy and the destructive path of his Noah role when he kills many exorcists.

Abilities: Tyki Mikk has the ability to pass through objects and can use this ability to kill exorcists by passing his hand to crush their organs. Also, he has the ability to walk on the water, to levitate, and to create a vacuum of air to remove Oxygen.
He also has another weapon called the Tease that eats flesh.

Advanced Abilities: After Allen defeats him, Tyki awakens as a blood thirsty knight like demon who uses dark matter blasts and tentacle-like arms to inflict damage.
Jasdebi (Two forms are Jasdero and Devit)Jasdero and Devit are introduce as two separate beings who are care free, stupid, easy going, and enjoys wanton destruction. They represent the "Bonds of the Noah."

Abilities: Materialization is a type of ability reveal when Jasdero and Devit change the attributes of their bullets at will.
As Jasdebi, they can materialized things without using the guns as mediums but according to his imagination.


OP01"Innocent Sorrow"Abingdon Boys School001-025
OP02"Brightdown"Nami Tamaki026-051
OP03"Doubt & Trust"Access052-076
ED01"Snow Kiss"Nirgilis001-013
ED02"Pride of Tomorrow"JUNE014-025
ED03"To the Continuation of the Dream"Surface026-038
ED04"Antoinette Blue"Nana Kitade039-051
ED05"The Reason Why You Are Here"Rie Fu052-064
ED07Regret"Mai Hoshimura077-089
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Nami Tamaki
Katsura Hoshino

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