D.Gray-Man is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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D.Gray-Man a Manga/Anime following the tales of Allen Walker, a 15-year-old member of the Black Order.


D.Gray-Man Is a manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino, first realised in 2004 by Jump Comics and published in Shonen Jump. The manga has ran for 17 issues thus far and is currently on hold. A novel series was also released and it is called Reverse, authored by Kaya Kizaki. The novel tells the back story of the characters before the manga series and consists of 2 volumes. The series was also released as an anime in 2006 and ran until September 2008, spanning 103 episodes. The series was directed by Nabeshima Osamu and released by TMS Entertainment. As it became more popular, the series was made into two games developed by Konami,  D.Gray-man: Kami no Shitotachi for the Nintendo DS and D.Gray-man: Sousha no Shikaku for the Playstation 2.


Set  in 19 century England, D.Gray-Man is a manga about Allen Walker, a 15-year-old who roams the earth to find Innocence, washed away to unknown parts of the world after The Great Flood.  Innocence  is a substance that can be used to make weapons that destroy demons called Akuma. Only an Innocence-compatible person can use these Anti-Akuma weapons to fight them. These people are known as Exorcists and Walker is one of them.

Allen Walker uses an Anti-Akuma weapon that is a enlarged claw-like version of his left disfigured arm. Using his left eye, which was cursed along his with arm, he can also see an Akuma hiding within someone's skin. He works with other Exorcists in a group known as the Black Order who are in war with the Akuma, the Noah Family, and the evil Millennium Earl, who wish nothing more to destroy all the Innocence and humanity with it.

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Name: D.Gray-Man
Name: ディーグレイマン
Romaji: Dī Gureiman
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