Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina is a anime/manga concept
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Plot device where an unsolvable problem is solved with little explanation. Usually with some sort of new character, power, ability ect...

The Deus Ex Machina was originally created in Ancient Greece, solely for the use of play. It was used to host a god down at the end of a play to solve all of the problems that have yet to come together at the end of the play. Most of the time Ancient Greek playwrights would do this on purpose to show that, in the end, only the gods know whats really right and wrong, and they are the only ones that can fix it. 
In modern days the Deus Ex Machina is nothing more than a plot device used to solve problems. Different from Ancient Greece, as it's not the gods coming in to save the day. It is often an added character out of nowhere, the unexplained and unforeseen rebirth of the main characters, and other things that just suddenly solves all of the problems in the story without being explained or making much sense. Critics often refer to this as a poor plot device used by Authors who are incapable of solving there problems in a logical matter. But sometimes the uses of Deus Ex is on purpose, such as the movie Dodgeball, where the chest of money at the end that comes with the winnings from the tournament are labeled Deus Ex Machina. 
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