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Akise Aru

A boy genius who wants to become a great detective. He somehow ends up getting involved of Diary Game, which pique his interest to learn the truth behind everything. As his investigation went on he discovers truths more than he bargained for.


A detective who summons devils to solve the troubles of his clients.

Annerose Vajra

The main heroine of the Koutetsu no majo Annerose series by Lilith-soft

Aquroya Detective

Aquroya Detective is a police detective in the Water City, Aquroya. He has continued to hunt and fail to capture the famous thief Psiren.

Arago Hunt

A detective for CID and the wielder of Brionac.

Ayumu Narumi

A smart young student in the footsteps of his brother...

Conan Edogawa

This is Shinichi Kudo in the form of a little boy. Shinichi was transformed by an experimental drug he was forced to take by a gang of criminals. He is named after the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He still retains all his memories, intellect, and brilliant detective skills.

Detective Kido

A Detective who watches over Baki, and sees potential in him.Serves as a father figure to Baki and is seen hanging around Baki's house smoking cigarettes.

Dick Gumshoe

Dick Gumshoe is the bumbling police detective that aides Miles Edgeworth.

Erika Furudo

A detective that comes to Rokkenjima in the fifth game

Grevil de Blois

A well known detective in Saubure, and Victorique's half brother.

Heiji Hattori

Famous high school detective of the west whose deductions are nearly rivaled to that of Shinichi Kudo.

Hercule Barton

One of the main characters of Tantei Operation Milky Holmes who is a very shy girl, named after Hercule Poirot. Her Toy gives her superhuman strength.

Isoroku Tatara

Isoroku Tatara is a veteran police officer Tobioka Police Force and partner with Konomi Suzue.

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan is an assistant inspector in Arago.

Juzo Megure

A good friend of Jimmy Kudo's in the police force. He is a veteran inspector.

Kirika Tachibana

Captain of the Tokio Special Investigation Unit.


A Space Detective in Sgt. Frog series who is a childhood friend of Keroro. is assited by his little sister Lavie.

Kogoro Mouri

Kogoro Mouri is seen in Case Closed. It is the Japanese name of Richard Moore.

Konomi Suzue

Konomi Suzue is a new detective in Tobioka Police Force and partner with Isoroku Tatara.

Kujo Kazuya

The protagonist of Gosick. He is the third son of an imperial soldier who goes to school at St. Marguerite in Saubure, Europe.

Kuraudo Ooishi

An Old Detective Investigating the Yearly Hinamizawa Murders

Kyoko Kirigiri

One of 15 students trapped inside Hope Academy.

L Lawliet

L is one of the world's greatest detectives. His identity was always a guarded secret. His biggest and deadliest case was tracking down the killer known as Kira.


Loki is the Norse God of Chaos and mischief, the main character of the series.

Makoto Ogawa

Makoto Ogawa is a police detective in the Tobioka Police Force. He's partnered with Tamon Asakura.

Mamoru Akasaka

Martial-Arts Wielding Detective Helping Rika

Mamoru Suwa

Manzou Sakami

Masumi Niiyama

Masumi Niiyama is a chief inspector that occasionally works alongside Loki.


Mei is a rookie detective of the Tokyo Police Department and the loyal partner of Saeko Himuro.


A detective from one of Hirano's manga works

Naoto Shirogane

A famous detective possessing an androgynous appearance whose initial persona is Sukuna Hikona, of the Fortune Arcana. Uses a revolver in battle with a Persona specializing in Almighty, Light, and Dark type skills.


A cat-loving junior detective, who considers everything a mystery. She calls Tomokazu "Darling", and herself, "Darling's wife".

Renji Tokisaka

A detective investigating a string of murder involving young girls.


The sidekick of Batman. He is also the leader of the "Teen Titans" and the new Batman.

Roy Coleman

Chicago police detective in Gunsmith Cats.

Ryoko Yakishuji

Ryoko is an intelligent rich and resourceful woman who works as an investigator for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.She's the titular character of the story.

Ryotaro Dojima

Ryotaro Dojima is a police detective from Inaba and the father of Nanako Dojima.

Saeko Himuro

Saeko Himuro is a talented and lovely detective of the Tokyo Police Department. Though short tempered, she's the star of the force.

Saeko Nogami

Beautiful and devious, Saeko is a high ranking Tokyo police detective. Whenever she runs into a problem that she can't handle, she cons the lecherous Ryo Saeba, the supremely talented "City Hunter" to do her job for her.

Seiko Hayami

A private investigator and one of the main protagonists of Cutie Honey Tennyo Densetsu.

Shinichi Kudo

He is a High School detective who was attacked by two criminals, Gin and Vodka. As a result, he is given APTX4869. His body turned small and he became Edogawa Conan.

Shutaro Kiba

A detective from Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo. One of the main characters in Mouryou no Hako series.


A voluptuous private detective and former KGB agent suffering from amnesia.

Tamon Asakura

Tamon Asakura is a police detective in the Tobioka Police Department. He's partnered with Makoto Ogawa.

Toshimi Konakawa


The main character of Gosick. she has a knack for solving mysteries despite her young age.

Yasuji Ban

Yukari Shinomiya

One of the best friends of Ayano Kannagi.

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