Spring 2014 Trailer: Detective Conan's 18th Movie

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Plot Summary

Release Date: April 19, 2014

Detective Conan: Sniper from Another Dimension

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The film features the appearance of FBI agent Shuichi Akai, and revolves around a sniping incident case. Even though someone was aiming a sniper rifle at Akai, it was Sera who was shot in the chest. The people in Tokyo are afraid of getting involved in this dreadful sniping incident. Will Akai, who should be dead, be targeted again? And why was Sera hit? The film will also include appearances by Subaru Okiya and FBI agent Jodie Starling.

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Got you covered. The search engine is broken.

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Thanks. Its kind of a important movie in regard to the series. It tells where the original "Silver Bullet" went after being shot. An it adds some layers of who he is an where he is now in the past few seasons. Consider this as well they are planing the next movie in 2015 for the franchise may well live on well past its 20th anniversary by years an years.

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